Commercial Duct Cleaning Services

Commercial Duct Cleaning Services

Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning (MAS): Expert Commercial Duct Cleaning Services for BC Lower Mainland

At MAS, our entire team has a comprehensive understanding on the HVAC system cleaning requirements of the growing Canadian business. We know that any fluctuations in HVAC system performance can be exceptionally costly. And that’s why we’ve developed a full range of HVAC system cleaning services that will respond to any HVAC system cleaning needs with the utmost speed, professionalism and results-focused precision. Our commitment to servicing commercial clientele is highlighted within the many completed projects to our brand name.

Our commercial cleaning services include:

Our Commercial HVAC System services work is among the most comprehensive in the industry. The MAS team has proven project experience in cleaning HVAC systems for hospitals, institutions, schools, colleges & universities, commercial & hi-rise buildings, malls, hotels & resorts, factories, ferries, production plants and other business clientele.

We clean even the most complex of industrial HVAC systems with exceptional professionalism. Our expertise ensures that HVAC systems, air-ducts, air-handling units, heating & cooling coils & drip pans, blowers, fans, terminal units, heat pumps, air-conditioning units, make-up air units, plenums, turning vanes, grills, vents, diffusers and all other HVAC system components are cleaned to NADCA “high standards.

This invaluable experience helps to; maintain HVAC system efficiency and improve indoor air quality and keep buildings healthy and clean by minimizing the output of contaminated air.

The MAS team can also provide commercial clients a thorough overview of the entire HVAC system to streamline any future work for the organization. Upon completing our work for our commercial clientele, we provide each company with a highly detailed pictorial report of their HVAC system. It’s this commitment to effective workflow management that underscores MAS’s commercial market performance.

The MAS team offers commercial and industrial managers in the BC Lower Mainland a full range of cost-effective power vacuuming services, designed to meet their exact needs. Our expert Technicians use powerful commercial vacuum extraction equipment to safely remove dust and contaminants from the client’s industrial environment to help protect staff and employees against on-going health and safety issues.

Our team can professionally clean and remove dust & debris from the surfaces of: walls, ceilings, beams & trusses, air handling units, lined & non-lined air-ducts, dust collector units, air-ducts, pipes, electrical conduit & fixtures, buss ducts, flues, coils & machinery

Our commercial and industrial power vacuuming services are available for hospitals, institutions, schools, colleges & universities, commercial & hi-rise buildings, malls, hotels & resorts, factories, ferries, production plants and other facilities.

The MAS team is trained to utilize powerful equipment and industry proven techniques for dryer duct cleaning. We utilize service methods that are refined in-line with evolving industry regulations. This means that owners of commercial enterprises such as; bio-medical laboratories, hair salons, medical clinics, pet stores and laundry facilities can rest assured MAS is one of the most trusted names in the marketplace in terms of reliable performance . It’s how we help our commercial clientele maintain their dryer ducts in “clean and clear” condition to improve drying efficiency and help prevent the development of potential fire hazards.

In completing our restaurant kitchen hood grease cleaning work, we help organizations meet the obligations under the NFPA 96 standards. This commitment ensures restaurants pass their fire inspections, meet insurance requirements, as well as provide a safe and clean environment for their staff. Our professionals use proprietary cleaning equipment, industry proven methods and safe, effective chemicals, to ensure kitchen hoods and exhaust duct systems are cleaned correctly. This service has been refined to ensure a fast, effective response when expertise is required by companies in the BC Lower Mainland. By working with MAS, restaurant owners from across the BC Lower Mainland can assure their kitchen hood and exhaust ducts are cleaned to the highest of market standards.

MAS continues to be a trusted commercial cleaning partner to companies across the BC Lower Mainland Regions. To learn more about our services or book a consultation, contact our offices directly today at 604-589-2553.