MASDUCT – Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Ltd. is Your Top Choice for Industrial Vacuum Services in Vancouver

At MASDUCT, our team of industrial cleaning experts takes care of the entire industrial cleaning job, covering everything from the ceiling’s highest point to the floor below. With over two decades of experience in the industry, we are masters at addressing challenging-to-access spaces, such as walls, ceilings, beams & trusses, air handling units, air ducts, coils, dust collector units, pipes, electrical conduit & fixtures, buss ducts, flues, and machinery, all in the pursuit of establishing healthier workspaces and increasing production efficiency.

Our technicians are dedicated to working within your production schedule or arranging a time outside of work hours, abiding by all standards and guidelines, and ensuring minimal disruptions.

Why Industrial Vacuum Services Are Important

MASDUCT specializes in providing industrial vacuuming services, which involves tasks such as overhead ceiling cleaning and high dusting, for businesses across the Lower Mainland. Within expansive, industrial spaces, the build-up of dirt, dust, and manufacturing residues can pose significant risks, which could potentially result in costly safety violations, workplace injuries, or respiratory health concerns. Not only can it harm employees, but it can also have effects on your equipment, which could reduce your machinery functionality, resulting in costly repairs.

Let’s take a closer look into the importance of industrial vacuum services with MASDUCT:

   Reach Difficult Areas
For routine industrial vacuum services, it’s essential to have experts regularly clean ceilings, structural support beams, walls, pipes, ductwork, and other overhead structures. Simply direct us, and we will efficiently and effectively clean these areas in your facility. We are dedicated to working around your schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to your production processes.

   Ensures the Safety of Your Workplace
Overhead vacuuming offers a range of benefits, from reducing the risk of combustible dust fires to safeguarding employee health in your workplace. The Province of British Columbia has established precise Occupational Health and Safety Regulations related to industrial hygiene. Choosing industrial vacuum services with us not only helps you steer clear of potential fines but also ensures a content and healthy workforce by delivering clean and high-quality air.

   Removal of Combustible Dust
The potential for combustible dust to develop from typically non-flammable materials can be a significant hazard to your facility. These materials could be anything such as metals, coal, grain, flour, spices, starch, tobacco, wood, and more. To maintain a secure workplace, it’s essential to perform comprehensive industrial vacuuming on surfaces both elevated and low. MASDUCT is committed to locating and eliminating such dust accumulations, regardless of where the debris and dust collect.

   Begin Your Industrial Vacuum Services with Us Today
MASDUCT is ready to provide you with the professional industrial vacuum services you need. We understand the importance of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness at work facilities. That’s why we offer our stellar services by certified technicians. Not to mention our maintenance plans that can provide greater savings in the long run.

Start today. Contact our team and we’ll come up with a maintenance plan that works well for your company’s operating hours. We assure you of professional and affordable vacuum services in the Lower Mainland.