Dryer Vent and Air Duct Cleaning Services for Strata and Rental Properties

MASDUCT cleaning : Scalable Strata Property Maintenance Solutions to Meet All Systems Challenges

Strata Property managers, Strata Councils and Building Owners require their buildings to be maintained immaculately to ensure residents a high standard of living. MASDUCT cleaning understand the difficulties today’s property managers, strata councils and owners now face when it comes to maintaining property. MASDUCT cleaning knows that costs are continually rising and tighter safety standards must be met. That’s why MASDUCT cleaning offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of HVAC system, dryer duct and air duct cleaning services in the BC Lower Mainland to help ensure that building air conveyance systems perform to the leading market standards while consolidating ownership costs.

Our full range of Strata Property services include:

Our team has been trained to complete dryer and air duct cleaning projects correctly, professionally and cost-effectively. Clothes dryer ducts and exterior dryer vents should be maintained in “clean and clear condition” to prevent restrictions and help to prevent the development of potential fire hazards. This is why we strongly recommend that dryer ducts be cleaned “from inside and outside annually” (or more often depending on use). We use powerful equipment and industry-proven methods to remove dryer duct blockages, such as wet or dry dryer lint, water accumulation, bird’s nests or bee hives from normal dryer ducts to improve dryer unit and dryer duct system efficiency and performance.

Our cost-effective services and rates ensure annual dryer duct cleaning work is affordable for a net cost-benefit to managers and owners, while providing them with peace of mind knowing that their dryer ducts have been cleaned correctly by industry experts.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

After every interior dryer duct cleaning one of our technicians will put a magnet on the dryer unit. This ensures the client has access to the company’s contact details so they can call MASDUCT cleaning for any reason.

We are a proud company and stand by our work, please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or concerns about our air duct cleaning services.

  • Tall Building – High Angle – Vent Cleaning Services

Our comprehensive high-angle air duct cleaning service is the leading solution to all exterior air duct cleaning requirements for high-rise buildings across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. MASDUCT cleaning has an unblemished health & safety record and has WorkSafe BC Gold Star status. Our service begins with a project risk assessment and includes a specific written comprehensive fall protection plan for each project that secures the project and the organization against potential safety issues. Our team of trained and experienced high-elevation duct cleaning rope access Technicians rappel down building faces to access and clean high-level vents and are committed to completing each project in a safe and professional manner. It’s a specialist service for which the commercial high-angle duct cleaning experts at MASDUCT cleaning are widely known across the marketplace.

Building (HVAC) pressurization and hallway ventilation systems are critical pieces of infrastructure for property owners. The condition of these systems plays an important role in dictating indoor air quality conditions within the property, as they provide air pressurization throughout the building. By working with MASDUCT cleaning for their air duct cleaning service, companies can ensure contaminants are removed safely and improve the performance of their ventilation systems to enhance indoor air quality for residents and occupants. MASDUCT cleaning also works to professionally clean a broad range of HVAC components, including air handling units, heat pumps, plenums, turning vanes, grills, vents, diffusers, blowers and fans.

  • Dryer duct – Booster Fans (for Long, Wet and Problem – Dryer Ducts)

The MASDUCT cleaning team is trained to complete a broad range of specialist cleaning and related services for our clients across the BC Lower Mainland region. One example is dryer duct – booster fan installation service for “long, wet or problem dryer ducts”.

The booster fans MASDUCT cleaning installs are commercial quality – quiet running and feature automatic start / stop features specifically designed to “boost and improve air-flow” through the dryer duct out to atmosphere. These fan features help prevent premature lint build-up and condensation and moisture or water pooling in long in-slab dryer ducts.

We’re also able to service and repair most other (existing) dryer duct models as part of our comprehensive cleaning services.

Call us for details and current pricing. Professional, effective dryer and air duct cleaning services are now available for all building managers and owners! To book dryer duct cleaning for your Vancouver or BC Lower Mainland property, please contact our team directly today at 604-589-2553.