Laundromat Dryer Vent Cleaning

Don’t neglect Dryer Vent Cleaning. It can be dangerous!


Did you know the commercial dryer vent system accumulates a large amount of lint, dust and dirt that can become a fire hazard, if not maintained on a timely basis? At MASDUCT cleaning services we thoroughly understand the importance of safety and offer end to end professional dryer vent cleaning services for commercial businesses and multi-unit residential in Vancouver.

Here at MASDUCT cleaning our experts have great experience working with all configurations of dryer duct systems in all types of buildings and facilities. Our Vancouver duct cleaning team works with commercial building managers, strata managers, strata councils and building owners such as; bio-medical laboratories, hair salons, medical clinics, pet stores and laundry facilities throughout the BC Lower Mainland. It’s the type of service that all building owners require to ensure their dryer ducts are maintained in “clear and clean” condition to improve dryer duct air flow and help prevent the development of potential fire hazards.

Signs that you need a professional dryer vent maintenance routine

It is important to understand that a number of fires that occur in homes and commercial spaces each year can be attributed to, clogged and unmaintained dryer vents. Never ignore early signs of vent issues.

Longer drying cycle

Realistically, the dryers should not take longer than a cycle to dry a load of laundry. If your clothes dryer is taking longer that, it may be an early sign that the system needs maintenance.

Burnt or Musty Odor

Is there a musty smell in the dryer room during or after completing the drying cycle? If yes, it is time to call for professional help. This may be a sign that the dryer vent is beginning to clog with lint which is preventing the dryer from venting properly. This will not only increase drying time which will translate to higher monthly utility bills, but can also force the dryer to work harder, eventually leading to a broken appliance. If left unmaintained long enough, a dryer fire could become a real possibility.

There is no way you should ignore this indicator of vent issues.

A Very Hot Dryer

Please note: If the dryer vent is unable to release hot air, it indirectly will heat up exterior of the appliance. So, if the dryer makes the room unusually warm, it needs maintenance without delay.

Lint at the exit opening of the vent

Outside vent opening is an arrangement for the dryer to exit hot air from your suite in a multi-unit building or the commercial business. Instead, if there is lint coming out of that opening, it 100% indicates that the vent is clogged and is an alarm to call for professionals without any delay.

Your last dryer vent cleaning routine

If it has been more than a year since the dryer vents have been cleaned from by a professional, you need to arrange the next one without hesitation.

Based on the amount of laundry a commercial business deals with, experts highly suggested to carry out the dryer vent cleaning routine at least once every quarter and multi-unit residential annually.

What makes us different from other dryer vent cleaning services?


Our team has considerable knowledge and experience after cleaning thousands of dryer vents and air ducts of all configurations including long narrow in-slab dryer vents in concrete buildings. We have provided solutions for owners and building engineers for wet or problematic dryer vents and ducts we’ve encountered over the years.

Our MASDUCT – Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Ltd. cleaning expert duct cleaning

Technicians apply their knowledge and experience and use powerful commercial “reverse snake air-washing” cleaning equipment to professionally clean any normal dryer duct, in any high-rise, low-rise or building complex in the BC Lower Mainland “all the way through”.

NADCA Accreditation

Our cleaning services come with a guarantee.

Certified by NADCA, we take pride in delivering dryer duct cleaning projects under strict guidelines. Every professional associated with the company performs these tasks under highest standards by using hi-tech tools, techniques and equipment. This in return helps our customers be rest assured about quality and safety of the project. Additionally, we also share a report inclusive of before and after pictures to help customers determine the difference with better clarity.

Cost Effective Pricing

Committing to routine annual dryer vent cleaning is critical for all building owners and so MASDUCT cleaning has crafted a pricing structure that ensures professional yet affordable expertise can be allocated to their clients’ sites within a short timeframe. This affordable pricing structure means MASDUCT cleaning is able to provide one of the most cost-effective services in the BC Vancouver and Lower Mainland area.

Specialist Services

The MASDUCT cleaning team is trained to complete a broad range of specialist cleaning services for our clients across the BC Lower Mainland region. One example is their dryer vents – booster fan installation service for “long, wet or problem dryer vents”. The booster fans our Vancouver team supplies and installs as part of their air duct cleaning work are commercial quality – quiet running – with automatic start/stop features specifically designed to boost and improve air-flow through the dryer vents and push hot moisture laden air out of the duct system to the atmosphere. (To help prevent water accumulation in the dryer vent)

The Process

Our dryer vent cleaning process is simple and foolproof.

  • We begin with cleaning the lint trap.
  • Next our technician inspects the airflow.
  • Step three involves cleaning the space behind the appliance, which is a common area for lint accumulation.
  • During an “in and out” cleaning, our team will then disconnect the flex hose from the back of the dryer. Using compressed air, vacuum and air tools we will clean the hose and first elbow in the dryer duct.
  • We will then reconnect the flex hose in order to turn on your dryer so that we can continue the cleaning of the duct from the outside vent. Having the dryer running will aid in our outside cleaning process as well as allow us to test the level of airflow once the cleaning is complete.
  • Finally, our team will finish by cleaning up the lint that has been removed from the dryer vent. This will include areas like the ground around the outside vent, possibly your deck or even the roof.

Rewards of professional dryer vent cleaning services

  • Prevents structural fires
  • Reduces the level of allergens
  • Saves time
  • Saves Energy
  • Increases life of the appliance

The MASDUCT cleaning dryer vent cleaning advantage

Proud to serve the industry with precision and commitment, MASDUCT cleaning has become a popular choice for business and homeowners in Vancouver for the following reasons:

  • We have experience since 1998.
  • Our trained and NADCA certified technicians do the job.
  • We follow strict SLA’s; Service-level client agreements.
  • Our services promote safe and healthy work environment.
  • We utilize the most updated tools and machinery.
  • Our pricing strategy is suitable for every budget.

Additionally, we also service and repair most other existing dryer duct booster fan models as part of our comprehensive cleaning services. This means you get cleaning and repair services under one roof.

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Our services are available for all commercial and strata building managers and owners!

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