Strata and Rental

Air Duct Cleaning for Strata and Rental properties

MASDUCT - Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Ltd: Affordable, Effective Cleaning Services for Strata Corporations and Properties of All Sizes in the Vancouver Lower Mainland Area

As a trusted NADCA-certified specialist with considerable experience and many years of working with numerous Owners, Rental Property Managers, Strata Managers and Strata Corporations of all sizes, MAS has built one of the most widely acclaimed Strata services within the BC Lower Mainland. Our expert team specializes in HVAC system, air duct and dryer duct cleaning to ensure that each Strata and Rental property is maintained to the highest of industry duct cleaning standards. It’s a service that begins with discussing the requirements with the Strata owner/property manager or owner.

Then, we craft a solution and service plan that assures cost-effective results for the client. We complete all Strata and rental property building HVAC systems, dryer duct and air duct cleaning project work professionally and efficiently to schedule. Our company also offers reduced rates when multiple units request our duct cleaning services. It’s how we help corporations and property owners consolidate expenditure while enhancing building systems efficiency.

Our complete services suite includes:

  • Multi-Unit Building – Dryer Duct Cleaning

    Our multi-unit Strata dryer duct cleaning services empower Strata building managers and owners and rental property managers in minimizing their maintenance fees by reducing hydro costs over the long-term. We use the latest cutting-edge equipment to ensure that each dryer duct cleaning project is completed correctly to remove restrictions and blockages caused by wet or dry dryer lint, bird’s nests or bee hives from normal dryer ducts, to improve dryer unit and dryer duct system efficiency and performance. Our team is also known for its commitment to helping building owners minimize fire safety threats through comprehensive analysis and decisive performance. Our cost effective services and rates ensure routine annual dryer duct cleaning work is affordable for a net cost-benefit, while providing Vancouver and Lower Mainland-based managers and owners with peace of mind in knowing that their dryer ducts have been cleaned correctly by industry experts.

  • Multi-Unit Building – HVAC System Cleaning

    By effectively maintaining all heating, cooling, ventilation and air systems, building owners across Vancouver and the BC Lower Mainland area can consolidate their expenditures significantly. MAS specializes in cleaning building air pressurization systems, air-ducts and hallway ventilation systems, to help mitigate problems with contaminants within the building environment. We also offer amenities, gymnasium and swimming pool HVAC systems cleaning as well as Parkade exhaust and intake systems cleaning services. Access to this broad range of MAS services means there is no HVAC system cleaning challenge that cannot be resolved by working with the company’s experts.

  • House Furnace & Air-Ducts Cleaning

    Property owners in the BC Lower Mainland require precise, professional furnace duct cleaning services, to ensure their system is clean and working to peak efficiency. A leading advantage of selecting MAS’s NADCA-certified services is that the MAS team has experience working with a broad range of home heating furnace duct systems. At MAS we understand the technology and provide owners with completely clean home heating furnace duct systems that ensure highly efficient HVAC systems performance.

    We professionally clean all types of forced air “heating and cooling systems” for strata properties and residential homes including; furnaces, supply & return air-ducts, geo-thermal systems, heat recovery (HRV) units, air handling units, fans, blowers, heating & cooling coils, heat recovery units, air-conditioning units, make-up air units, heat pumps, plenums, turning vanes, grills, vents and diffusers and dryer exhaust ducts

    We also provide general power vacuuming services to remove dust & debris from home basements and crawl spaces.

    For those with on-going concerns about the safety and efficiency of their systems, there has never been a better time to call MAS for expert advice and professional workmanship.

Through our commitment to reducing unit costs for property owners, MAS has become one of the most trusted names within the duct cleaning services industry in the BC Lower Mainland. To learn more about our services, contact our team directly today at 604-589-2553.