Wonderful Service!

I wish to extend my gratitude towards your servicemen Ryan and Caesar. They were in my home as part of a contract with Maple Court in Fleetwood last week

They were professional and well-trained in what they do. But, they truly went out out their way, not only in performing the job, but were respectful of my home and myself. They pushed aside heavy -full sized appliances in a very tiny closet, so they could access the duct. Then after consultation with me, they removed the closet door, so they could slide the machines away from the wall, (my duct work had been badly compressed by the original
installers) I will indeed follow upon their suggestion that I hire a handyman, to cut a space into the back wall -board in order to tuck replacement ducting away safely.

All the above exemplifies that you have 2 valuable men on staff!

Best regards,