Uncommon booster fan repair

Uncommon booster fan repair

I was called into this suite in Vancouver because they were having problems with their dryer. They had their dryer inspected and it was working fine so the technician said that it must be something wrong with the dryer booster fan.

The problems they were having were that clothes were not drying, the dryer was getting very hot and the dryer would shut off.

Typically these symptoms are due to a blocked duct. Not in this case. Here the problem was a very dumb one.

When the building was constructed the fan installer put the fan in backwards. So instead of venting to the outside, the booster fan was trying to blow towards the dryer.

When just looking at the booster fan it’s hard to tell that it was installed in the wrong direction. But upon closer inspection it was obvious.
I quickly remounted the fan and since then the resident reports that everything is working great.

Uncommon Booster Fan Repair. Builder installed backwards!

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