3 Tips for How Often You Should Invest in Commercial Vent Cleaning in Burnaby

Maintaining a commercial property, whether it’s an office complex or multi-residential facility, can certainly be a lot of work. One thing that can often be overlooked by many Burnaby commercial facility owners is vent cleaning services, but it shouldn’t be. Not only can Burnaby commercial vent cleaning increase efficiency and save you money, it can also help keep your clients happy.

As some of today’s leading HVAC and air vent cleaners, the team from MAS Duct Cleaning Services wanted to give you a few warning signs to look out for.

When You Notice Buildup

One of the most obvious red flags that your commercial property is in need of air vent cleaning services is when there’s noticeable dust and debris built up on the outside of your vent covers. This prevents them from functioning efficiently and also indicates that there’s a whole lot more debris built up in your ventilation ducts.

When People Begin to Complain

When your commercial or residential tenants begin complaining about respiratory ailments or excessive coughing or sneezing in the building, or reduced airflow, it’s likely time to call in a duct and vent cleaning specialist to address the issue. Since dust buildup in the vents breeds bacteria and affects air quality, it’s likely that employees or tenants will notice these kinds of symptoms first before you can see a visible issue, so always be sensitive to their concerns and inspect things when people begin to complain.

Staying Sanitary

Having clean, efficient vents and ducts is a big part of the sanitary process of any facility since it can drastically affect the interior air quality. That’s why many change their filters regularly and opt to use more specific filters, like HEPA-filters, for an added level of protection.

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