4 Mistakes Building Owners Make When Choosing a Vancouver Air Duct Cleaning Firm

Air duct cleaning is a critical process to undertake for Vancouver building owners. It’s a process that can help protect HVAC equipment and ensure that systems work to peak efficiency around the clock over the long-term. But because most building owners don’t have a clear understanding on this complex cleaning process, they sometimes make mistakes when choosing Vancouver air duct cleaning firms. In this post, we’ll look at the top four mistakes building owners make when selecting air duct cleaning companies.

  1. They Don’t Consider Customer Ratings

One of the leading mistakes Vancouver building owners make when selecting their air duct cleaning firms is they simply don’t consider the ratings of the company’s previous customers. This can lead them to choosing a company that has misled their customers in the past, or choosing a firm that simply don’t have the experience or equipment to offer a high level of service within their work.

  1. They Wait Too Long

While there are a number of challenges associated with maintaining a building over time, many building owners simply wait too long to coordinate their cleaning process with an air duct cleaning firm. This can often mean that, by the time the company arrives, there is significant cleaning work to be completed and perhaps equipment damage from a lack of maintenance. It’s important to be proactive when maintaining a residential building. Calling a cleaning firm at the beginning of the season can ensure optimal air duct performance throughout the upcoming performance.

  1. They Don’t Get a Quote Before the Cleaning Work

The duct cleaning company should offer the building owner a quote before they begin any work on the property. This quote should include all service work and associated fees and should also include information on the projected timeframe for the work. Owners that don’t get this information when selecting a company many find they’re overcharged for the work or they may discover the work takes several days longer than anticipated and has a detrimental impact on their property operations.

  1. They Fail to Coordinate with the Cleaning Team

Coordinating the process with the cleaning team before the project begins is a great way to streamline the entire cleaning process. Building owners that fail to coordinate with the work teams may find the team encounter questions as they complete their work. The building managers should play an important role in on-site safety and in ensuring residents are protected as the cleaning work is completed.

By learning the mistakes others have made when choosing their air duct cleaning specialist, Vancouver building owners can now ensure they succeed when they take on this important process. To learn more, call the team at MAS Duct Cleaning Servicesdirectly at 604-589-2553or visit their business website at www.masduct.com.