7 Simple Steps for Dryer Duct/Vent Cleaning in Surrey

7 Simple Steps for Dryer Duct/Vent Cleaning in Surrey

Dryer duct and vent cleaning might seem like an unnecessary task. However, doing so regularly can help ensure your property is safe from fires due to overheating, in addition to ensuring your dryer functions at peak efficiency. That’s why the experts when it comes to dryer duct cleaning in Surrey, Mas Duct Cleaning Services, have collected some important cleaning tips here to make the processes easier for you.

Ensure You Have the Proper Cleaning Supplies

To properly clean your dryer vents and ducts, you’ll need the proper cleaning supplies. To make certain you’re prepared, you’ll need a power drill, dryer duct cleaning kit, duct or electrical tape, a broom and dustpan, and a vacuum with a hose attachment.

Remove Your Dryer from the Wall, Unplug It, & Disconnect its Ductwork

Pulling out the dryer from the wall will make it easier to work and ensure you’re not working in too tight of a space. Be sure to unplug your dryer as well, as this will eliminate the safety hazard of electrocution and any other electrical issues that could have been avoided. Lastly, disconnect the duct that is located at the back of your dryer.

Connect the Rods in Your Cleaning Kit to Your Drill 

The flexible rods that traditionally come with dryer duct cleaning kits can reach up to 12 feet. They attach together and if you need a stronger connection, this is where your duct or electrical tape comes in handy. Attach the brush in front, then connect the rods to your drill.

Clean Your Ducts with Your Drill

Turn on your power drill, which will cause the brush to rotate and begin the duct cleaning process. Make sure it’s spinning clockwise. Move the brush in and out and soon all of the debris collected in the duct will begin to shake loose and spill out.

Clean Up the Debris

 After you’re satisfied you’ve cleaned your dryer duct properly, sweep up all of the debris that has come out and dispose of it.

Inspect Your Dryer Vent

 Before reconnecting everything it’s important to go over your dryer vent and inspect it to see if there may be any noticeable debris. However, the vent may be out of your reach, in which case, you’ll need to call in the professionals. If you can access it, use your brush and drill to repeat the same process as step 4.

Put it All Back Together

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your dryer ducts, it’s time to put everything back together and ensure it’s in the right place.

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