Commercial Duct Cleaning in Vancouver Lowers Energy Bills

Get commercial duct cleaning in Vancouver from experienced professionals who can handle any job.

There are many duct cleaning services in Vancouver, but few can match the experience, equipment, and abilities of MAS Duct Cleaning Services.  For nearly two decades, we’ve been trusted to service and maintain the ducting and HVAC systems for some of the largest schools, hospitals, condominiums, industrial complexes, firehalls,  rec centres and many other building types in the lowermainland.  Our wide range of training, insurances and licencing  allow us the flexibility to work on single “one off” projects in the private sector as well as multi building, multi year contracts with various government agencies, cities and districts.

Regular proper duct cleaning is essential for operations in virtually any business, saving money and ensuring an excellent experience for everyone using the building.

Professional Commercial Duct Cleaning in Vancouver Improves Your Business

Improved Systems Efficiency

An air conditioning system which isn’t working at peak efficiency is costing you money every minute it’s working, and that’s even more true during the cold winter months.  Even minor buildups of dirt and grime can significantly affect system efficiency, and partial\full clogs can create much higher energy demands from the HVAC system.

In worst-case scenarios, clogged ducts, coils or filters can potentially even damage the system.  These issues can create a tremendous amount of resistance causing fans and other components to work much harder and possibly wear out sooner.

The relatively low cost of duct cleaning is far less expensive than the additional energy and mechanical costs caused by unclean ducts.

Better Health/Safety for Tenants or Customers

Whether a building has permanent residents, customers, students, or any other regular visitors, it needs to be as clean and safe as possible – both for their health, as well as keeping up appearances!  Unclean ducts can lead to a variety of problems within a building, including:

  • Additional dirt or dust throughout the building, blown from the ducts onto exposed surfaces.
  • Mold, mildew, fungus, parasites, and other dangerous microorganisms that thrive in environments with a lot of grime and high heat.  
  • Harmful animals such as rodents and insects, which can create a serious infestation threat if left unchecked.
  • Higher chances of fire risk.  Lint and other flammable materials can easily settle within ductwork, creating a direct pathway for fire to spread from one room throughout a building.

In some cases -such as restaurants– problems such as unclean duct work, dirty ceiling spaces and grease laden kitchen hoods and exhaust systems aren’t just potentially harmful, they can bring severe governmental penalties, including having licenses revoked.  

Schedule Commercial Duct Cleaning in Vancouver From the Area’s Most-Trusted Professionals

MAS Duct Cleaning Services is known throughout the greater Vancouver area as the top choice in duct and HVAC maintenance services.  With nearly two decades in operation, we can handle any size job, big or small including your most complex installations.

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