Germs and Dry Lint: The Importance of Dryer Duct Cleaning in Vancouver

Your building’s dryer ducts can become clogged with lint, germs, and other contaminants, and this can mean that they have a significant impact on the surrounding building. To help mitigate this impact, it’s important to work with a professional dryer duct cleaning company in Vancouver like MAS Duct Cleaning Services. In this latest post, our Vancouver MAS Duct team explain more about the importance of professional dryer duct cleaning work.

The Danger to the Property

The latest data shows that over 15,000 property fires occur annually as a result of dryer-related incidents. In the vast majority of these cases, the culprit is lint within the dryer blocking the air flow and causing a rise of heated air within the system. This simple problem can lead to fatal consequences, with more than 20 people dying each year across the country as a result of dryer fires.

Potential Health Dangers

Another of the important reasons to commit to dryer duct cleaning with commercial gas dryers is that a blocked duct can cause odorless gases such as carbon monoxide to build up within the property. These gases can have a significant impact on human health and may even result in fatalities within the property if not resolved in a quick timeframe. Note that home electric dryers won’t emit gas so that is not a concern.

Improving Drying Performance

In addition to the danger to the property, building owners in the Vancouver lower mainland area should also consider the significant cost of using dirty dryers around the clock.

  • The blocked vent within the dryer causes the dryer to have to work harder to reach the same level of drying performance. This means that the machinery wears down within a quicker timeframe when its ducts are blocked with dust and lint.


  • In addition, because the machine is taking in more energy to reach the optimal level of drying, the costs to run the dryer rise significantly. If you’re a building owner, you could be paying double or triple the energy prices over the year if you have a number of dryers in the building.

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