Hidden Dryer Booster Fan Installation

Hidden Dryer Booster Fan Installation

In a recent project, I had the opportunity to transform a laundry area by replacing an outdated and dysfunctional dryer booster fan hidden within a cupboard. The task involved removing the old fan and seamlessly installing a new one in its place. The result? A delighted owner with a concealed booster fan that not only met their aesthetic preferences but also facilitated easy access for dryer duct cleaners.

Hidden dryer booster fan and lint box
Hidden Dryer Booster Fan
  1. Out with the Old: The first step was to remove the old, broken booster fan from its location within the cupboard. With careful precision, I dismantled and disposed of the outdated unit, clearing the way for the installation of the new fan.
  2. Seamless Installation: With the old fan removed, I proceeded to install the new booster fan in its designated spot within the cupboard. By strategically placing the fan, I ensured it was hidden from view, meeting the owner’s desire for a clean and uncluttered laundry space.
  3. Enhanced Functionality: In addition to installing the hidden booster fan, I fulfilled the owner’s request for a secondary lint box. This addition serves to keep both the booster fan and dryer duct clear of lint, promoting optimal performance and safety.
  4. Professional Maintenance: Following the installation, the dryer duct cleaning was expertly handled by masduct.com, ensuring thorough maintenance and peak efficiency of the entire system.

If you’re considering a similar upgrade for your laundry space or have any questions about installations, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact me at dryerboosterfan.ca

With the successful installation of a hidden dryer booster fan and lint box, this project not only improved the functionality of the laundry area but also enhanced its aesthetics, providing the owner with a seamless and efficient solution.

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