How an Industrial Cleaning Company Can Improve Your Business

When you have a larger working space, sometimes a traditional cleaning crew simply cannot properly attend to all the areas which need cleaning.  This can become an issue over time, particularly if you have to follow legal guidelines for maintaining your facilities. 

This is where an industrial cleaning company comes in.  Equipment which is primarily intended for duct cleaning can actually be deployed in a wide variety of environments to achieve superior results.  Industrial cleaning relies on trucks which could be called “super vacuums” that go far beyond typical cleaning units, as well as utilizing other technologies such as video equipment which can survey hidden areas.

So, an industrial cleaning company, like MAS Duct Cleaning Services, can handle many different jobs far better than a typical janitorial service.

Other Areas Where an Industrial Cleaning Company Can Help

  1. Industrial plant cleanup.

Industrial plants tend to be huge and full of crevices which can accumulate detritus, as well as often having oversized ceilings which typically defy standard cleaning equipment. These are exactly the sorts of spaces an industrial cleaner can excel with.  Their overpowered vacuums and ability to precisely move those vacuums around make it easy to clean even large industrial spaces.

  1. Grain silos and other large storage spaces.

With silo-style storage buildings, the cleaning challenge is the sheer height involved and the dangers of climbing around inside.  Again, this is exactly the sort of challenge an industrial cleaner can handle easily.  Their equipment is designed to be easily moved to great heights, and they also have access to cranes or other lifting machinery, if needed.  

  1. Commercial kitchens.

Cleanliness is everything in a working kitchen, particularly when it’s so easy to run afoul of local food standards regulations.  Further, due to the variety of foods and preparation methods, along with the many kinds of steam\smoke which can emerge, there are a lot of cleaning challenges!  The stove hoods, in particular, become a magnet for grease and various other residues which can be extremely difficult to clean with off-the-shelf products.  An industrial cleaning firm, however, can handle this easily and ensure your patrons are receiving food prepared in the cleanest possible environment.

MAS Duct Cleaning Services Goes Beyond Ducts

Ducts might be our focus, but that doesn’t mean we’re limited.  As an industrial cleaning company, we can tackle projects that most cleaning firms cannot.  Contact us today to learn more!