How Good Indoor Air Quality Prevents Respiratory Complications

How Good Indoor Air Quality Prevents Respiratory Complications

The most common respiratory complications caused by contaminated indoor air are asthma and allergies. The situation is more difficult for people with a compromised immune system or pre-existing conditions easily triggered by particulate in the air. Mas Duct Cleaning Services explains how investing in improved indoor air quality prevents these health complications.

Our goal is to educate the residents of Burnaby on the importance of air duct cleaning and creating spaces free of asthma and allergies for a safer and healthier home or business. To understand the need to invest in furnace duct cleaning, it is vital to understand the air pollution and contaminants generated through everyday activities.

The Need for Air Duct Cleaning

Whether leaving the doors and windows open, walking indoors with dusty shoes, or failing to clean all your surfaces, we generate a lot of contaminants and air pollutants in the HVAC system. Your HVAC unit acts as the lungs of your property, as it takes in air and pushes it out. This process recirculates contaminants such as dander, dust, debris, and chemicals several times a day.

Dirty furnace ducts contribute to severe health issues or harbor contaminants that pose serious problems for people with respiratory problems. While people with autoimmune disorders, asthma, or allergies are more at risk, prolonged exposure can affect even healthy individuals. If your vents look dirty, they probably are, and you should consider hiring a certified air duct cleaning service. We leverage standard industry equipment to ensure your ducts are clean, improving your indoor air quality, and reducing the chances of developing or triggering respiratory complications.

Common Causes of Dirty Air Ducts

Are you constantly dealing with asthma or allergy symptoms after cleaning your property? The problem may be your furnace ducts. Common causes of dirty air ducts include mold, remodeling debris, cigarette smoke, construction, or poor ventilation. Regardless of the reason for dirty vents, we guarantee top-notch furnace duct cleaning to protect your property by reducing the number of pollutants circulating in your home or business.

Poor air quality can worsen these symptoms and play a role in the development of asthma in those more prone, like children or the elderly. Property owners need to know many sources of indoor pollution as we head into the cold season: smoke, household cleaners, cosmetics, building products, and an attached garage where you store cars and lawnmowers. As a professional air duct cleaning company, we can help you reap the benefits of a clean vent throughout the year.

Professional Furnace Duct Cleaning

Mas Duct Cleaning Services has a team of well-trained and experienced professionals who offer quality cleaning solutions in Burnaby. We guarantee unmatched HVAC maintenance at pocket-friendly rates, so contact us online today or call (604) 589-2553 to request a quote!