How to check if commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is done properly

How to check if commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is done properly

Are you a restaurant owner or manager in Vancouver? If yes, it is highly essential to understand the need for clean kitchen hoods. Engineered to pull out smoke, heat and odor, the system collects layers of grease, which become fire hazards for kitchen. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check if the kitchen hood and exhaust duct cleaning has been done correctly. At times, it becomes difficult to inspect parts that are not easily visible. Therefore, it is crucial to ask the right set of questions before hiring any kitchen exhaust cleaning company.

Let us begin with the 4 most critical questions that will help you ensure if your kitchen is being serviced and maintained properly.

  1. Videos and Photos

Do not miss out on asking if the company provides you with before and after images of the interior of your kitchen hood. This practice will give you complete assistance in understanding if the cleaning has been completed to NFPA96 standards.   

  • Ask for Custom Cleaning Schedules

Every kitchen is different, it is essential to design a cleaning strategy with cooking volumes in mind. To clean your kitchen hood and exhaust system there are   monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual programs available. It is the job of your kitchen exhaust cleaning company to inspect and give you a comprehensive plan.

  •  Proper documentation

In-depth reports and certificates are important documents that support successful completion of services. These documents are necessary as they can be presented to the insurance company, fire marshal and other government authorities.

Apart from that, these documents are a proof that helps verify if the hood cleaning task has been carried out appropriately.

Remember, safety is a huge responsibility. So, never let the grease in your kitchen add up to your worries. Kitchen cleaning experts at MAS Duct Cleaning Services are ASTTBC certified professionals, who can deliver best results when it comes to kitchen exhaust cleaning services.

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