How Vancouver Kitchen Operators Can Improve Productivity with Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Through close coordination with work teams during cleaning operations, kitchen managers can significantly enhance the team’s productivity. Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is a process that many Vancouver kitchen managers are now required to consider as part of their cleaning work and within this article, the trusted specialists at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning highlight how operators can improve their kitchen team’s productivity through refined commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning.

Keep Staff on Schedule

One of the leading challenges kitchen operators face is when their kitchen equipment becomes inoperable due to a mechanical malfunction. Over time, grease within kitchen systems may cause component failure, preventing teams from completing their work to the highest of standards. Within a commercial kitchen space, exhaust cleaning ensures systems remain clean and perform to peak capacity. This enables staff to focus on their work with the ideal tools at their disposal around the clock.

One of the leading challenges kitchen operators face is having an exhaust system that is not working efficiently due to heavy grease build up, or compromised system components. A regular cleaning or inspection schedule reduces the risk of the exhaust system &system components operating poorly and will keep the kitchen staff informed of any possible required mechanical maintenance in order to reduce any costly downtime that comes with mechanical failure.

Reducing Safety Issues

Commercial kitchen exhausting cleaning can also keep staff performing effectively within a clean and healthy environment. Staff members will be better able to perform their duties knowing the environment is safe and any potential grease related safety issues are mitigated with the cleaning work. It’s a process that keeps restaurants in line with the latest NFPA guidelines while supporting staff with the ideal clean environment for their cooking work.

Improving Systems Performance

Clogged grease within cooking equipment can prevent that equipment from achieving optimal performance over the long-term. Teams may find that ovens lose heating performance or may have more limited efficiency due to the grease and other contaminants within the attached air system. By employing the services of a local expert and having them review company equipment on a regular basis, kitchen operators can ensure each oven is working to optimal capacity during periods of high demand. Teams will be able to complete their best work using high performance systems.

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems that have heavy grease build up or contaminated filters or fans will greatly reduce the performance of the kitchen as a whole.

When the exhaust system is not performing correctly it effects the entire restaurant. Cooking vapors, grease and odors can make their way to the dining room if not being exhausted properly.

Kitchen temperatures can reach levels that are more than uncomfortable, taking a toll on the staff that is being counted on to perform their duties.

Many of these issues can be eliminated or greatly reduced by having Vancouver commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning expert MASDUCT implement a regular inspection and cleaning schedule.

Reducing Maintenance Costs

One of the core issues many restaurant owners face within their operations is having to pay significant maintenance costs when a piece of equipment loses functionality over time. When they employ kitchen exhaust cleaning experts, teams can dedicate less time and fewer resources to maintenance areas. This ensures they are able to dedicate more resources to improving their business and giving their staff access to the latest technology to be more productive within their kitchen work.

Working with a trusted Vancouver-based commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning expert can ensure kitchen operators maximize their in-house revenues and reduce long-term costs productivity and reduce any unforeseen mechanical or exhaust system failures. To discuss this service with an expert, contact the team at Vancouver-based Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning directly at604-589-2553 or visit their business website at