Importance of Eliminating Mold From Your Air Ducts

When your HVAC system is properly maintained, the living area can be kept at a comfortable temperature all year long. But because of the constant airflow moving through your ductwork, dust and mold can accumulate, forcing the need for periodic maintenance services. Mold doesn’t only reduce air quality and your HVAC’s lifespan, it also poses serious health risks.

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What Causes Mold In Your Air Ducts?

On hot summer days, moisture in the air may accumulate in your ductwork as the cool air from your HVAC system passes through it. The moist, dark environment in the ductwork creates the ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. Once it begins to grow, it can quickly spread throughout your entire system. If not removed, it can drastically reduce air quality, as well as cause costly structural damage.

Is Mold Harmful?

Mold spores irritate your lungs and airway passages much like allergens. If exposed long enough, you can also have a higher risk of developing upper respiratory infections. Common symptoms caused by mold are a runny nose, watery eyes, and cough, all of which can be more severe for those already suffering from chronic respiratory ailments. But cleaning your ductwork on a regular basis can prevent mold spores from taking hold and spreading throughout your system.

Hire A Professional Duct Cleaning Service in Vancouver

A professional duct cleaning service can effectively remove mold, dust, and other debris from inside your ductwork. They’re equipped to go deep into your network of ducts, clearing away all such debris. By removing existing mold growth, the spores are prevented from traveling through the ducts and into your home, where they can cause more damage. Specialized equipment is used to ensure the duct are left in a clean and sanitary condition.

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