Is It Time for Multi-Unit Dryer Vent Cleaning in Burnaby?

Maintenance is vital when you’re managing a multi-unit residential unit in Burnaby… and sometimes it’s easy to overlook the little things.  Little things like dryer vent cleaning.  You probably don’t spend much time thinking about your property’s dryer room, understandably enough, but it could become one of the most dangerous rooms in the complex.

Equally, in suite dryer vents need to be maintained. Did you know that it requires different cleaning equipment for the 2 jobs? The same warning signs apply to both applications of dryer vents.

Dryer lint building up in the vents can easily go overlooked, and that’s a problem because heavy lint build-up is a serious fire hazard!  Thousands of preventable fires happen across North America every year due to clogged dryer vents.  That’s why you need to make regular dryer vent cleaning a part of your Burnaby multi-unit property maintenance plans.

Here are the signs you’re overdue.

Four Signs You Need Dryer Vent Cleaning Immediately

1. Burning smells when running the dryer

If anyone in your staff, or any of your residents, ever claims to smell something burning when they run the dryers, you should discontinue their use immediately.  Given the high heat those dryers put out, the source of the smell needs to be uncovered – and corrected – before the machines are usable again.  Most of the time, a clogged dryer vent is the culprit.  

2. Excessive heat from the dryer

Dryers will always be hot to the touch when running, but they shouldn’t be scalding, or unpleasant to stand near.  If the dryer is excessively hot, that means it’s failing to vent its excess heat.  This doesn’t merely increase the chance of fire; it’s also causing additional wear and tear on the dryer itself – leading to increased maintenance costs.

3. Visible lint in or below the outside vent

Have someone occasionally take a look at your dryer vent from the outside.  The vent and area around it should be clear.  If there is any visible lint or other debris on the outside, that means there is a lot of material within the vent that needs to be taken care of!

4. Drying takes too long

This is something your residents are most likely to notice and care about.  The dryer taking too long to dry their clothes isn’t a minor consideration – it’s another red flag that something is seriously wrong with the dryer.  Fortunately, cleaning the vent often takes care of the issue.

Get Dyer Vent Cleaning in Burnaby Today

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