Michael A Smith Duct Cleaning highlights Three Reasons Building Owners Require Professional Air Duct Cleaning Services This Spring Season

The spring is finally here and people across Canada are now making plans to enjoy the warmer weather the season will bring. When making plans for the future months, it’s important for apartment building owners to consider the impact the warmer weather will have on their building. Springtime is widely considered the ideal point in the year to undergo a comprehensive air duct cleaning process. Known for their excellence in serving clients across Vancouver and the lower mainland, the air duct cleaning experts at Michael A. Smith are now highlighting three reasons to utilize professional air duct cleaning services this spring season.

  1. Dust Accumulates in Air Duct Systems during Wintertime

Over the winter season, dust and other air-borne contaminants begin to accumulate throughout a building’s air duct system. These contaminants may include fungi, mold and mildew, which are all dangerous to human health and can be quickly spread across an entire building through a connected air duct system. Dust, pollen and other contaminants can also be spread through the air duct system, causing problems for allergy sufferers within the building. By turning to a trusted air duct cleaning company serving their Vancouver and lower mainland areas, building owners can ensure that their residents are protected against these contaminants during the warmer months.

  1. Reduce the Costs of Cooling During the Coming Months

By removing built-up contaminants from their air duct systems, property owners can help significantly reduce their building expenditures during the summer months. Data shows that professional air duct cleaning can help reduce energy costs by as much as 30%. That’s because the process allows air to move more freely around the property, minimizing the need to keep lowering the temperature on the thermostat to ensure a stable cool temperature in the property.

  1. Maximize Return On Investment in Building Equipment

A property’s air conditioning system must be working in optimal condition to ensure residents are happy and to maximize the return on investment the property owner achieves. When a duct system is blocked, the building’s air conditioner must work much harder to achieve the optimal cool temperature to protect against the outside heat. This can cause the system to breakdown quickly and lose its performance value. To mitigate systems issues, building owners can turn to local air duct cleaning experts and ensure their systems are meeting peak performance standards ready for the summer heat.

Serving Vancouver and the lower mainland with NACDA-approved air duct cleaning services, Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning has quickly become a trusted leader within then local marketplace. To learn more on their service work and book a consultation this spring, contact their office team directly at 604-589-2553 or visit their business website today at www.masduct.com.