Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Ltd Highlights Importance of Duct Cleaning as part of the Long-Term heating & cooling systems Work

Heating and cooling systems within multi-unit properties and residential homes can lose efficiency over time. It can be a challenge for home owners and building owners to manage costs when continually spending more money on their property’s energy requirements. It’s the reason it’s now so vitally important the heating & cooling systems maintenance contractor work in conjunction with the BC Vancouver Lower Mainland MAS Duct Cleaning Ltd. experts to ensure all ductwork is free of contaminants and obstructions and working to peak performance levels. With many years’ experience in the duct cleaning industry, the team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning understands the challenges that Home owners and Strata and rental property owners face. In this article, they highlight the value of HVAC duct cleaning as part of a comprehensive heating & cooling systems maintenance program.
The Majority of Heating and Cooling System Issues are caused by Dust and Dirt
Most home owners and multi-unit property owners know that their heating and cooling systems often require exceptionally expensive repair work. But some might be unaware that dust and dirt within the system are among the leading causes of mechanical failures and maintenance issues. By utilizing the services of MAS Duct Cleaning Ltd a leading BC Vancouver Lower Mainland firm and removing the dust and dirt from their ducts, owners can reduce their long-term heating & cooling systems maintenance costs significantly.
Dirt and Dust Could be Impacting the Health of Residents
The average six room home collects 40 pounds of dust each year. Multiply that number by the hundreds of rooms within a multi-unit property and there is clear potential for dust-related health issues over the long-term. The dust blown through HVAC system air ducts can make its way into hallways throughout the property and exacerbate issues related to asthma and lung problems. To help protect their residents and ensure a healthy building environment, owners can turn to qualified BC Vancouver Lower Mainland air duct cleaning services specialists to remove the dust and debris from their HVAC heating & cooling systems to complement the HVAC maintenance providers servicing. It’s a service that will help improve the comfort of residents for the long-term.
HVAC Maintenance Issues Can Impact a Building Owner’s Reputation
We know now that a large majority of HVAC heating & cooling systems maintenance problems are caused by dust and dirt within the system. But it’s important to recognize the impact that these issues have on the building and how the property is perceived by residents and potential residents over the long-term. Maintenance issues can often occur at the worst time in the year, when the weather is at its coldest or warmest, as these are the times when energy demands are the highest. Effective maintenance can help keep residents comfortable and helps the building owner reduce the number of tenancy issues in future.
Effective cleaning of building HVAC heating & cooling air ducts and home furnace systems is critical to effective multi-unit property management for the long-term. Speak with the experts at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Ltd directly to learn more on the duct cleaning process, or visit their business website at www.masduct.com.