Our Duct Cleaning Team Presents Fall Furnace Duct Cleaning Tips for Vancouver Homeowners

It’s now the start of the fall season and homeowners across Vancouver are wondering how to best protect their furnace ducts for the months to come. Our team at MAS Duct Cleaning Services has decades of experience in this area of the marketplace, and in this latest post, we’re highlighting our fall duct cleaning tips for Vancouver homeowners.

Begin by replacing filters

One of the first steps you should take in the fall season is to replace air filters. During the summer months, your filters have been working hard to protect you against dust and other allergens in the home. They’re now likely clogged with contaminants and require replacement.

Check vents and intakes

Your vents and intakes can also become clogged during venting and taking in air around the home. If your HVAC system is to work to full efficiency, it’s important that you check your vents and air intakes at this critical time. The intakes and vents outside the home can become clogged with twigs and other yard debris, so it’s important to review the area carefully.

Warm the system up slowly

Your heating system has been idle for the summer months, and it’s now time to warm it up a little before you put it on full blast for the cooler part of the year. Make sure you start to heat the home incrementally and allow the system time to gather pace and build efficiency.

Speak to the experts

If you face any problem getting your furnace ducts working to peak performance during the winter months, make sure you call an HVAC cleaning company directly. The experts here at MAS Duct Cleaning Services in Vancouver can help you to assess the issue and to determine the best course of action for ensuring optimal performance for the months to come.

Our trusted and experienced team at MAS Duct Cleaning Services in Vancouver can help you get your Furnace Duct cleaning to the highest levels of efficiency this winter. To discover more about our team and services, call today.