The Value of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning for Your Vancouver Business

There are countless safety hazards some a Vancouver companies and businesses have to face. One of the most important to consider the is potential for a fire to break out in the building. Fires related to grease within the kitchen exhaust ducts is a consideration within the restaurant industry, and we’ll explain why commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is an important maintenance process to consider for the Vancouver business.

  • Assessment Work

The first step in the stove hood and duct cleaning process is to complete a comprehensive assessment of the building. Companies must ensure that their kitchen exhausts are functioning effectively and that there is no grease or other contaminants building up on the inside of the property.

  • Compliance Review

The team conducting the review of the commercial kitchen exhaust will then work to ensure it meets the compliance standards in the industry. There are many elements to consider as part of this process, including exhaust performance and past maintenance work. The team will then begin their work to clean the area so the exhaust performs as required. Compliance is most effectively recognized by AsTT certified technicians who understand the standards set by a guide called the NFPA 96 (national fire protection)

  • Comprehensive Cleaning

It’s then time for the cleaning work to begin. The team will review the condition of the exhaust and then work to remove the grime, grease, and dirt that has built up over time. In some cases, this process can take several hours as the size of the space requires teams to commit to significant cleaning work.

  • Post-Cleaning Benefits

Once all of the cleaning work has been completed, the business will achieve a number of great benefits from the process. Beyond the safety value of limiting the potential for fires in the building, a company will also save a great deal of money in terms of kitchen maintenance. Kitchen teams won’t have to spend time cleaning the walls and surfaces due to the build-up of grease. They can achieve the ideal clean space for the highest levels of hygiene.

Trust Our Exhaust Cleaning Team

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