Three Examples of Companies that Require Professional Vancouver Commercial Duct Cleaning Services

Within the commercial marketplace, organizations must commit resources to maintaining their business spaces, both to support their business objectives and to protect the health of their employees and customers. One area which is significantly under-considered within the commercial marketplace is duct cleaning work. The team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning has several  years’ experience in this area, and within this article, they’ll highlight three examples of companies across Vancouver that must consider their commercial duct cleaning requirements as we move toward 2016.

Pet Stores and Groomers

One of the leading causes of blockages within ducts is hair, dander and other natural contaminants. For pet store operators and groomers, this means that their spaces are significantly more at risk of duct issues than other businesses. Another consideration for pet stores and groomers is the pet dander and other allergens that may permeate their environment as a result of their work. By working with a professional Vancouver commercial duct cleaning expert, these business owners can eliminate the risk of allergens being spread throughout their facility. Commercial specialists can help create a specific maintenance plan that will ensure a clean environment in which humans and animals thrive.

Commercial Laundry Facilities

Within the average commercial laundry business, there are hundreds of machines running throughout the day. The dryer ducts and vents connecting these systems to the outside environment can quickly become clogged with lint and other laundry contaminants. Over time, these types of blockages can have significant consequences. The first, and most important, is that they can cause a fire risk within the area, trapping flammable materials within one heated space, which can potentially lead to a conflagration if the blockage isn’t removed. Secondly, blockages within vents and ducts can cause machines to have to work twice as hard to force hair through the system, causing significant mechanical wear that will cost the business owner in the long-term.


In addition to traditional commercial businesses, many institutions and non-profits across Vancouver require the assistance of professional commercial duct cleaning experts. Hospitals are a leading example. One of the most important roles of hospital teams is maintaining the space and preventing the growth of bacteria and contaminants within treatment areas. A professional commercial cleaning specialist can conduct comprehensive cleaning of the HVAC systems, air ducts and vent areas throughout the hospital to ensure only clean air is pushed through the system. It’s a service that can protect patients and help hospital teams meet their treatment objectives.

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