Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Highlights Three Questions for Vancouver Restaurant Owners to Consider Before Completing Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Most professionals recognize the distinct challenges that restaurant owners face in operating a profitable commercial kitchen. Maintaining safety and cleanliness levels is a leading priority in this type of environment, and teams must ensure that they complete their commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning to the highest of standards. In this latest article, the trusted team at Michael. A. Smith Duct Cleaning highlights three questions for Vancouver restaurant owners to consider before completing commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning.

1. What Type of Cleaning Schedule is Required for Our Restaurant?

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) has specific standards that companies must commit to when considering their kitchen exhaust cleaning schedule. For example, companies with solid fuel cooking operations must have their systems analyzed on a monthly basis according to the latest standards.

These standards are designed to ensure that any grease within the kitchen’s exhaust is removed before it can become a fire hazard for the wider kitchen and restaurant environment.

2. What are the Benefits of Hiring an Exhaust Cleaning Expert?

There are numerous advantages to hiring a commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning expert for Vancouver companies. First and foremost, firms can reduce their costs by turning to a specialist for their cleaning work. That’s because an expert can complete the work to the highest quality levels first-time-around, saving the company money on potential future cleaning work.

Experts will also know the standards expected of them according to the latest regulations, thereby ensuring the cleaning work meets inspection standards for restaurant operators. In addition, working with a specialist can help restaurant owners achieve guidance on the safety standards for the future. The specialist can inspect ducts and other kitchen equipment to ensure its running to peak performance and the highest safety levels.

3. Which Specialist is the Right Choice for Our Company?

In selecting their commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning company, Vancouver restaurant owners must evaluate the company’s compatibility with their business. This begins by assessing their location. Do they have a convenient location from which they can visit the facility on short notice for cleaning work? It’s also important the company has a fleet of trucks ready for allocation to the restaurant. Restaurant owners must assess their local marketplace and find a nearby specialist with specific experience in the kitchen exhaust cleaning process.

To learn more on kitchen exhaust cleaning work and the questions restaurant owners must consider before the process begins, speak with the team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning directly 604-589-2553 via or visit their business website at www.masduct.com.