Three Reasons You Need Vancouver Air Duct Cleaning Services

It’s easy to forget about the air ducts above your head, running throughout your property, but they’re always up there – and they’re always building up dirt, grime, and other materials.  To prevent a variety of problems, it’s a good idea to employ Vancouver air duct cleaning services at least once a year.

There are plenty of reasons that this relatively small maintenance cost is well worth the price.

Three Reasons to Invest in Regular Vancouver Air Duct Cleaning Services

1 – Improve health within your building.

An unclean air duct is a haven for mold, mildew, fungus, and other harmful substances.  In a worst-case scenario, a duct that’s gone without cleaning for long enough can become home to vermin and their various droppings.   And all of it sprays invisibly out of the air ducts every time your HVAC system activates.

This can be dangerous for anyone, but particularly those with allergies.  Regular cleanings can prevent a multitude of health issues or even insurance claims.

2 – Prevent needless HVAC maintenance.

Dirty ducts and vents create additional strain on your HVAC, which in turn will decrease its overall lifespan.  The more clogged the ducts, the worse this situation can become until it significantly harms your HVAC and leads to breakdowns.

Plus, as the A/C system becomes more unreliable, you’ll hear more complaints and calls for service.  These take up needless time and money as well and are entirely avoidable.

3 – Save money on your air conditioning.

There’s another big problem with your HVAC system having to work overtime when compensating for clogged, dirty ducts – it costs you money.  Even a relatively small buildup of dust, only a couple cm, can substantially increase the energy costs of heating or cooling.

That’s money-draining straight out of your budget, for no good reason.

In Short: Professional Vent Cleaning Pays Off

Simply put, Vancouver air duct cleaning services don’t cost very much and are fairly non-intrusive. They can pay off many times over in decreased electric bills, reduced maintenance, and overall improved health within your buildings and properties.

Let MAS Duct Cleaning Services Help

Michael A Smith, MAS Duct Cleaning Services has decades of experience cleaning ducts, vents, and HVAC across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.  No matter the size of your property, from single homes to high-rises to industrial plant cleanup, we have the equipment, manpower, and expertise to keep your HVAC system running smoothly.

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