Top Reasons to Get Your Ducts Cleaned in the Fall

Top Reasons to Get Your Ducts Cleaned in the Fall

All of us turn to the cozy and warm indoors as the winter chills start making an appearance. Thanks to the efficient HVAC systems and furnaces we have at home, the indoors remain a comfortable temperature no matter how bad the weather gets outside. To enjoy this warmth and comfort uninterrupted throughout the season, however, it is important for us to maintain our HVAC systems optimally.

A good rule of thumb to follow in this regard is to conduct a timely and thorough inspection of your system before the temperatures start to drop. This way you will have the chance to repair or replace any part that needs it and ensure you have a continually efficient furnace in the upcoming winter.

Some top reasons for checking and cleaning your HVAC and ducts in the fall are:

Enhanced efficiency:

If your air ducts or furnace is blocked by dust or debris, it has to work harder and longer to heat your home properly. Naturally, the extra work will burn more fuel and energy which causes spikes in your energy bills. Getting furnace duct cleaning services in the fall allows you to avoid wasted energy and ensure excellent heating throughout winter, but also enables you to enjoy significant savings on energy bills!

Better Air Quality: 

In the off-season furnaces can tend to collect a considerable amount of dust since they’re not running. When you turn your furnace on after a long time, this dirt and dust buildup on the furnace and in ducts can combine with the heat and have a negative effect on your indoor air quality. That’s why you should carefully clean out your furnace ducts each year in the fall to prepare for the approaching winter.

Avoiding Diseases:

It is not uncommon for mold and mildew to grow on furnaces in the fall season. Mold, if left unchecked, will emit spores that can potentially mix into your home’s environment and cause you to develop allergies or respiratory problems! To protect yourself, it is imperative that you get duct cleaning scheduled before you start using your furnace again.

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