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As the weather across the region cools and Vancouver homeowners turn increasingly to their furnaces for warmth, many are finding their systems are not performing to peak capacity. If you’re struggling to achieve optimal performance from your furnace, you might require furnace duct cleaning guidance. In this latest post, the team here at MAS Duct Cleaning Services in Vancouver presents our furnace airduct cleaning tips.

  1. Remember to Change Your Filters Regularly

Filters were not designed to last for years on end. They must be replaced on a regular basis to ensure you achieve the ideal levels of heating efficiency within the home. If you don’t replace the filters regularly, you may find that the system’s heating capacity diminishes. Simply changing the filters as recommended by the manufacturer can resolve this issue.

  1. Regular air duct cleaning

Pet dander, dust and hair can impact the quality of the air being circulated throughyour furnace system. Regular duct cleaning is an important service  to ensure the air supplying the home is of the highest quality. Without this level of cleaning, your family can experience increased allergies as well as coughs and colds as contaminants are moved around the home.

  1. Call the Professionals for Guidance

A common misconception homeowners across Vancouver and the lower mainland make is that they can simply hand vacuum the grills and vents in their homes and achieve an acceptable level of cleanliness for theirduct system. This couldn’tbe further from the truth, although the immediate area that was vacuumed will be free of dust and debris, the rest of the system that can’t be reached or viewed will remain dirty and contaminated. It takes a professional company with proper training and industry approved duct cleaning equipment to clean your duct system properly using “source removal” or “mechanical cleaning methods”. Turn to the professionals if you have any concern about your furnace system and your duct cleaning requirements.

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