Vancouver-based Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Outlines The Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Process

To eliminate a persistent fire hazard within their restaurant kitchens, business owners must undertake a comprehensive commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning process. Kitchen hoods and exhausts can become compromised quickly, as grease from cooking, clogs fans and ducts. in order to manage this problem and meet the standards set by the National Fire Prevention Agency, companies are turning to expert commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning companies across Vancouver and the lower mainland. To help business owners understand this cleaning work, the team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning explains the commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning process in this latest article.

The AsTT certified Technicians Arrive On Site with the necessary Cleaning Equipment and supplies.

Upon their arrival at the restaurant location, the Vancouver commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning team is equipped with pressure washing equipment, tools and supplies that are essential to cleaning the complete system from roof fan down to the kitchen hood. . Their first role on site is to lock out the fan, remove the exhaust filters, then ensure that all kitchen equipment is protected during the cleaning work.

The Ducts Are Then Scraped to Remove the built up Grease

Once all areas of the kitchen are protected, the team will then begin their work to scrape the ducts and remove the grease from the interior of the ductwork. Depending on the amount of build-up within the system, this process could take several hours.

The Fans are Inspected for Problems

A critical element of the kitchen exhaust cleaning work is the inspection of the outside fans for problems. Once inspection has been completed, the fans are then moved to gain access to the vertical ductwork from the roof. The underside of the fan area is then cleaned with chemical and power washing equipment. The team then moves to applying chemical and  power washing  the  vertical ductwork. The water is controlled and contained throughout this process.

The Roof is Cleaned to Prevent Grease Build-Up

After the fans and the vertical ductwork have been cleaned, the team then cleans the roof area around the fan. Should the roof be heavily contaminated with excess grease, the issue will be added to the pictorial report for viewing with a few recommendations to solve the problem.. Once the team arrives back in the kitchen, the ductwork is then cleaned from below to remove any grease in the lower end of the system.

Once the Pressure Washing is Complete, the Protective Shielding can be Removed

After the pressure washing process, the team then removes the protective materials from the kitchen equipment.. The company then places the filters back into the system. Then they complete the final documentation for the cleaning project to showcase their work and the results.

By learning more about  the commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning process, Vancouver and lower mainland business owners can now see the clear advantage in working with professionals that are Phil Ackland trained and AsTT certified. To learn more or book a cleaning service, contact the team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning directly at 604-589-2553 or visit their business website at