5 Signs of a Thorough Air Duct Cleaning Job in Vancouver

If you’re investing in commercial vent cleaning in the Vancouver Lower Mainland, then you want to be certain it’s being done right. However, unless you’re a vent cleaning expert yourself, then you might be uncertain of what to look for. As one of Vancouver’s leading commercial vent cleaners, the team from MAS Duct is here to provide you with some tips.

1. The Overall Experience

Taking a step back and assessing the overall experience you had with your Vancouver commercial vent cleaning company is important. Consider a few things, like whether the technicians are using professional equipment. Did they come in uniform, in a company-branded vehicle? These things demonstrate that they’re professionals. Naturally a strict COVID policy.

2. The Duct Interior

Just because they’ve left with all of the cleaning tools doesn’t mean you still can’t inspect your ductwork after the cleaning company has gone. If you want to make certain beyond a shadow of a doubt of a thorough job, open your vents and inspect your ductwork. Is there still visible dust inside? This means they didn’t clean your ducts adequately.  

3. Inspect the Vent Covers

Just like you can inspect your ducts, you can also take a look at all of the vent covers in your home to make certain that they’ve all been cleaned properly. Any sign of dust or debris often means they were overlooked. Ultimately the air should not have a dusty odor and any sneezing is a clue as well.

4. Access Holes

To properly clean your air ducts, technicians will have to cut a small access hole in your ductwork near your furnace to access your ducts. Afterward, the hole is supposed to be professionally sealed. Not sealing it means all that hot and cold air could be simply going nowhere when you use your HVAC system.

5. Check Your HVAC & Furnace

Lastly, to make certain there’s nothing amiss and that your commercial vent cleaning team did a good job, check your HVAC and furnace to make sure there aren’t any issues. Make certain they’re both working and if not, contact the company you used immediately.

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