How Often Should I Clean My Commercial Dryer Vents?

For those who own a laundromat in the Vancouver Lower Mainland or operate a multi-family residential unit, apartment complex, or another type of facility that boasts a laundry room, investing in commercial vent cleaning is a must. As one of the leaders in commercial vent cleaning in Vancouver, the team from MAS Duct has collected some tips for you here about when it’s time for a cleaning.

Warning Signs You’re in Need of Vent Cleaning in Vancouver

If you’re wondering precisely how to tell if your commercial dryer vents need to be cleaned, there are some clear warning signs, the first being that they’re not drying clothes as efficiently as before. This is a clear sign your vents or ducts may be clogged and in need of cleaning.

Another scenario is when your dryer is extremely hot while in operation. Of course, dryers can be warm but if the exterior of your dryer is hot to the touch, you have a serious problem on your hands that requires vent cleaning ASAP.

Lastly, if you smell burning while your dryers are in operation, it is likely that lint has built up in your dryer vent that is burning while it’s drying clothes. This can be particularly hazardous, as such lint buildup can causes fires, so dealing with it immediately is recommended.

Naturally, the prevention of these issue is preferred to dealing with the consequences, the solution is a regular vent cleaning schedule. The time between cleanings is generally around a year but the duct cleaning professional can assess the need once on site.  

How the Cleaning Process Works

Commercial dryer vent cleaning services in Vancouver will visit your property and inspect all of your vents and ductwork, diagnosing any immediate issues. Once any outstanding problems are fixed, they’ll then get to work cleaning them. Often this consists of removing debris and lint accumulation that has built up over time.

After all of the visible things have been addressed, dryer vent cleaners will then provide a deep cleaning of all of your ductwork and clean or replace your filters if needed before packing up.

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