A Guide to Duct & Air Vent System Upkeep

Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter whether you own a single-family home or a commercial rental property: dryer and duct vent cleaning isn’t something one can do on their own. That’s where the professionals come in, like the team from Mas Duct Cleaning Services. We offer comprehensive dryer vent cleaning in Surrey and have collected some important insight for you here based on our years of experience.

How Dryer & Duct Vent Cleaning Works

Since ventilation systems are so complex, it’s never a good idea to go crawling around in them by yourself to try to clean them. Often, you could do more damage than good. The cleaning process begins with a professional taking a look inside your ducts and dryer vents with specialized camera equipment to identify any blockages. Then, they’ll often use high-efficiency particle air-filtered vacuums to clean them.

Different Types of Dryer Vent & Duct Cleaning Equipment

There are two common types of equipment dryer vent and duct cleaning companies in Surrey will use, the first being trailer or truck-mounted cleaning equipment often thought to be more powerful than other alternatives. The other type of machinery is portable, making it easier to be brought directly into the building, rather than running long hoses to the outside where a truck is located. After all of the dust and debris is blown out of the system, professionals then sanitize it to make sure you have the highest-quality breathable air on your property.

Don’t Forget the Roof & Garbage Chutes

Another important component of commercial dryer vent and duct cleaning that is often overlooked is the roof vents and garbage chutes, which can easily collect debris. Another important reason to inspect and clean the garbage chutes when needed is they can be a breeding ground for bacteria and contaminants thrown out by tenants.

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