Can My Ductwork Go Bad?

There is a lot of misconception surrounding ductwork, whether it can go bad after time or if it might last a lifetime. As one of Burnaby’s air duct cleaning, the team from MAS Air Duct Cleaning Services wanted to clear a few things up for you here.

So, here is all the information you need to know about whether or not your ductwork can go bad over time.

Time is a Factor

Many HVAC repair professionals and heating and cooling experts will tell you that if you haven’t replaced your ductwork in around 15 years or more, it likely needs to be updated. This is especially true if you’re considering investing in a new heating and cooling unit. However, does this mean that your air ducts are “bad” and falling apart? Not likely. But there is a concern that outdated ducts can be much harder to maintain and don’t always work as well.

It’s a Matter of Efficiency

When HVAC professionals talk about having bad ducts, what they usually mean is that they’re inefficient, and updating them will benefit you in a number of ways. They’ll be easier to clean and maintain, you’ll have fewer air leaks, and they’ll likely be able to distribute hot and cold air throughout your property much more quickly and effectively. Ductwork shifts and moves due to the thermal expression and heat extremes. This eventually leads to ductwork that’s poorly connected and in some cases, it can become disconnected completely in parts, causing spikes in your energy costs and a less comfortable temperature in your home. It can also cause your HVAC system to work overtime.

What Should I Do?

The best way to ensure your ductwork doesn’t need to be repaired or replaced is to enlist the help of a team of Burnaby air duct cleaning specialists like the team from MAS Air Duct Cleaning Services. You can contact us online today to schedule a visit or call (604) 589-2553 to request a quote. In addition to our vent cleaning services, we’re also equipped to perform vent cleaning in Burnaby, restaurant kitchen hood cleaning, and more, so contact us today!