A Guide to Furnace Duct Cleaning Services for Surrey

The latest data shows that building and home owners have a limited understanding on furnace maintenance. And this may mean that they’re spending thousands of dollars more on energy and repair costs as they try to get full performance from their system. To help Surrey lower mainland building owners consolidate their furnace expenditures, we’re highlighting our guidance to furnace duct cleaning, in this latest post.

How Often is Cleaning Required?

It’s important to consider how often furnace duct cleaning is required within the property. The experts recommend that building owners book professional furnace cleaning every two years. Most fail to have their furnaces cleaned this regularly. This may mean that dust and other contaminants build up around the system, causing significant performance issues. For those who haven’t had their system cleaned in years, it’s important to work with a local Surrey specialist to create a furnace duct cleaning plan.

What are the Signs of Furnace Problems?

There are many signs of furnace problems that could be precursors to complete system breakdown. For example, building owners and their tenants may find that furnaces aren’t achieving the optimal temperature throughout the property. They might also find that furnaces are causing significant rises in energy costs over time. This could indicate that dust is surrounding the air intake, requiring the system to work harder to bring in room temperature air and push out warm air. This is particularly a problem in buildings that allow pets. Pet dander, and hair is a common blocking element within furnace intakes. Building owners should ensure they monitor their heating bills and inspect their systems regularly to analyze performance. Any changes in performance and rising cost trends should be further reviewed by a trusted furnace duct cleaning specialist.

How MAS Duct Cleaning Services Can Help

Only by working with an expert in furnace cleaning and maintenance can building and home owners ensure their systems are reaching optimal capacity and true energy efficiency. Our team at MAS Duct Cleaning Services has experience working with all types of building furnace ducts within the home, Strata properties and apartment buildings. We review systems regularly and help devise maintenance strategies that save them money operating their furnaces over many winters to come. Home furnace duct cleaning is performed in the Surrey area by our specialized team.

To discover more on furnace cleaning work and its value, call our trusted and experienced team today.