Are Air Duct Cleaning Services Worth It?

There is a great deal of misinformation surrounding the topic of air duct cleaning. Few building owners have a clear understanding on the process and its advantages, and this has led many to question the service’s value. So, to help outline the importance of air duct cleaning and its role in supporting a healthy environment, our Surrey division air duct cleaning  experts at MAS Duct explain the cleaning process.

Why Properties Require Air Duct Cleaning

One of the most common monthly issues facing property owners is the rising cost of energy. They look to their monthly bills to find the costs for providing clean air to their building are rising incrementally. A leading cause of this rise is the air conditioning system.

Why Are Energy Costs Rising in Local Buildings?

When air ducts becoming blocked within the building, whether due to pet dander, dust, or other environmental contaminants, the system has work harder to push air out into the building. Energy costs then rise in response to the greater amount of force required.

Air duct cleaning can eliminate this problem and help building owners save hundreds of dollars over several years.

The Environmental Impact of Dirty Air Ducts

Another reason so many building owners now require professional air duct cleaning is that environmental contaminants can spread dangerous elements throughout the property. Vents and ducts that become wet over time due to moist air may become moldy. When mold spores develop within the main air duct within a property, these spores are then disseminated throughout the building and to all apartments linked with the system. Professional air duct cleaning helps limit the spread of these mold spores and ensures that tenants and their families remain safe for the long-term.

The Costs are Limited, the Benefits are Clear

While undergoing air duct cleaning for a building owner might cost them a small amount now. It can help to protect their property and safeguard their tenants over many years to come. This means that the investment has a clear long-term return and its value remains high. Simply undergoing routine air duct maintenance alongside services experts can yield exceptional return value for the building owner.

Our team at MAS Duct Cleaning Services has decades of experience performing comprehensive air duct cleaning work throughout Surrey and the lower mainland. To discover more on our work, contact our team today.