Answering Your Questions About Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning in Surrey

Answering Your Questions About Duct & Dryer Vent Cleaning in Surrey

If you own a Surrey home, condo, hotel, or other strata property, it’s easy to forget about the ducts and vents in your building.  Unfortunately, over time, they will build up gunk inside that can impede proper airflow, or even create genuine safety hazards.

Regular duct and dryer vent cleaning in Surrey can mitigate these problems, but not everyone understands the situation.  These are some of the questions we most often hear about duct and vent cleaning.

 FAQs About Duct And Dryer Vent Cleaning In Surrey

1 – Why is duct and vent cleaning necessary?

There are numerous ways that dirty ducts and vents can become genuine hazards.  In particular:

  • Dryer vents clogged with lint are fire hazards and cause tens of thousands of fires in North America every year.
  • Dirty ducts can become home to vermin, whose waste makes its way into the air.
  • Ducts can also become infested with mold and mildew, whose spores can cause allergies or even more serious medical problems.

Plus, clogged ducts and vents will put extra strain on your appliances, while increasing their energy use – driving up your maintenance and electric bills.

2 – How often should ducts and vents be cleaned?

In most situations, once a year is all you need.  Laundry rooms that see high use – such as in hotels or shared facilities in condos – might need to be cleaned twice a year.

3 – Can I clean my own ducts and vents?

No, not really.  Ducts and vents in a building, particularly a large building, are going to be long and twisty.  They require highly specialized equipment to clean properly, which most regular people just don’t have access to.

In many cases, when we’ve seen people attempt to clean their own ducts, all they actually do is push the mess around.  Or, with dryer ducts, they may even compact the built-up lint rather than removing it, which makes the lint more likely to catch fire.

4 – What other benefits come from regular cleaning?

Besides preventing health problems, you’ll also enjoy much nicer-smelling air throughout your property.  Cleaning and maintenance costs will be reduced as well since dirty ducts tend to spew dust around the building.

Plus, as mentioned above, you’ll likely see lower electric bills as well because clean ducts and vents allow your appliances to run at peak efficiency.

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