Commercial Duct and Vent Cleaning Services are an Important Investment

Commercial Duct and Vent Cleaning Services are an Important Investment

Commercial Duct and Vent Cleaning Services are an Important Investment!

When you’re managing a corporate property such as a condo or other strata property, there’s a lot of maintenance to take care of – and your ducts and vents should be on that list. It’s easy to overlook your ducts and vents since they’re literally out of sight, but over time they become clogged up with dirt, dust, lint, grime, and even animal waste.

That’s why it’s critical to invest in periodic commercial duct and vent cleaning services in Vancouver. Your ducts and vents should be cleaned at least once a year, and there are plenty of reasons why.

Commercial Duct and Vent Cleaning Services Protect Your Vancouver Property

  • Improve your interior air quality

Gunk that has built up inside your ducts doesn’t stay there. It’s constantly being blown back into the building’s atmosphere and ends up cycling through the HVAC system. For example, have you ever noticed a vent with a lot of dust beneath it? That tells you the duct behind it is dirty.

This can have a big impact on how pleasant your business is, and the materials being blown around can also cause allergy problems. In worst-case situations, there could even be genuinely bio-hazardous elements, such as droppings from rodents or dangerous mold.

Better interior air quality makes your building better for workers, residents, and visitors alike.

  • Reducing energy costs and maintenance problems

When your vents and ducts are clogged up, your HVAC system and similar appliances have to work that much harder to push air through. The longer the ducts have gone without professional cleaning, the worse the problem becomes. Given how expensive energy bills are these days, it’s absolutely wasteful to allow them to climb even higher.

On top of that, if your HVAC system is having to work harder, that also means more strain is being put on the machinery. Clogged ducts can lead to more HVAC breakdowns and expensive repair bills.

  • Prevent fire hazards

In some situations, clogged vents and ducts can be a true fire hazard – especially if you have clothes dryers on your property. Many of the materials which build up, such as lint, are flammable. Combine a buildup of flammable material with the high heat which can come from an HVAC system or clothes dryer, and fires can happen.

We don’t need to tell you why that would be bad. Worse, your fire insurance might not pay out if the problem can be traced back to poor maintenance.

MAS Duct Cleaning Service is Vancouver’s Choice for Commercial Duct and Vent Cleaning

We’ve built our reputation in Vancouver as the go-to source for professional and effective duct and vent cleaning across the area. Unlike many shops which specialize in residential homes, we have the tools and training to handle any building of any size. From a basic home to the largest of downtown skyscrapers, we can thoroughly clean your ducts and vents.Contact us to schedule an appointment, or discuss service c

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