Do I Really Need to Invest in Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in Surrey?

Do I Really Need to Invest in Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning in Surrey?

Whether you own a commercial business or a multi-family residential unit in Surrey, it’s important to keep your dryer vents clean and well-maintained. This is because letting them go unattended can result in serious problems.

As one of the leading dryer vent cleaning services in Surrey, the team from MAS Duct Cleaning Services has collected some of the most important reasons here why regular cleaning is a must!

3 Signs Your Dryer Vent Needs Cleaning

Although it’s not always easy to tell how frequently you need to invest in dryer vent cleaning in Surrey, there are some common warning signs to look out for, like:

  • Burning Smells When Running Your Dryer: If you notice a burning smell while your dryer is in operation, it’s a clear sign that something isn’t right. A burning smell when running your dryer means that its vent is likely clogged and is spewing dust out of it that if left unattended, could become a fire hazard.
  • Your Clothes Take Longer to Dry: If you’re running your dryer nonstop but your clothes don’t dry at all or are taking much longer to dry than usual, contact a professional dryer vent cleaner immediately. Not only does this signify your vents could be clogged, but it can also create unnecessary wear and tear on dryer motors that result in costly repairs down the road.
  • Your Dryer is Hot to the Touch: When your dryer is hot on the exterior, it means that the dryer vents need to be cleaned ASAP to avoid dryer fires or other expensive repairs. Replacing a dryer is quite an investment, so don’t ignore a dryer that’s warm to the touch.

A Few Tips for Preventing Dryer Fires!

Dryer fires can easily happen if you don’t know the warning signs above and your dryer isn’t properly maintained. To avoid dryer fires, it’s important to clean your dryer vents at least once a year and always empty the lint trap after it’s used.

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