How Often Do Commercial HVAC Vents Need to Be Cleaned?

How Often Do Commercial HVAC Vents Need to Be Cleaned?

When it comes to maintaining your commercial property or multi-tenant building, it’s important to regularly clean your air vents to ensure that HVAC systems work properly and keep your indoor air quality pristine.

However, it isn’t always easy to tell when to invest in commercial vent cleaning in Surrey, so the team from MAS Duct Cleaning Services has collected some tips for you here!

When You Begin Receiving Complaints

If your staff or tenants have begun complaining about the air quality in your building, it’s likely time to call in a professional commercial vent cleaning company. Perhaps someone has come to you and said they’re experiencing respiratory problems or increased allergies while in the building. This is a red flag. Dust and debris buildup in your HVAC’s air vents can quickly lead to respiratory issues, so have those ducts cleaned immediately if this is the case.

Visible Buildup

Visible buildup on your air vents or ductwork is another sign it’s time to invest in professional vent cleaning services. This buildup can often go unnoticed until you’re in dire need of cleaning and you can see dust collecting on the exterior of your vents. Another scenario is when you have work done on your commercial property and your maintenance team or contractors notice dust buildup in ducts and vents. That’s a clear sign it’s time to call the cleaners.

Remaining in Compliance

Some commercial properties will need to invest in HVAC vent cleaning more than others. For example, companies that need to adhere to specific health and safety standards. This often includes commercial enterprises like pharmaceutical companies or businesses that manufacture high-tech products.

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