Are There Strange Odors in Your Building? Air Duct Cleaning Can Help

Are There Strange Odors in Your Building? Air Duct Cleaning Can Help

When you have strange smells in your home or other building, it can be frustrating trying to track them down.  There are so many potential sources that it’s difficult to check off all the possibilities.  

Part of the reason for this is that the source of the smells is actually out of sight, and out of reach: in your air ducts!  There are several different ways dirty ducts and vents can generate smells, and in every case, air duct cleaning services in Vancouver can help.

If you haven’t had your ducts and vents cleaned lately, you might be surprised at how much of a difference it makes to the indoor smell.

Three Ways Dirty Ducts Create Strange Smells

1 – Dust being blown around

Over time, an air duct is going to have dirt and dust build-up on the inside.  The flowing air helps prevent this, but air doesn’t flow 24/7.  Also, the internal air currents mean that some surfaces get more air than others, with dust building up in corners and crannies.  

Eventually, the dust will build-up to the point that it’s being blown out whenever the air kicks on.  In particular, if you ever notice that the exhaust vents seem dirty, or there’s dust forming below them, that’s a big red flag that you need Vancouver air duct cleaning services.

2 – Mold and mildew

Dust isn’t the only thing that can build up in ducts.  Mold and mildew can also easily happen, particularly in the winter when the ducts are going to be warmer than normal.  The combination of high humidity, high heat, and dark spaces make a haven for mold and mildew.  Just a small infestation can make an entire building smell musty.

This is a problem that needs to be taken care of quickly since many people are allergic to molds and mildew.  Some types of molds, like black mold, can even be genuinely dangerous to people.

3 – Infestations

Finally, there’s also the possibility that the air ducts have become home to mice, rats, roaches, and other unwanted guests.  These creatures, of course, generate by-products – and those smells get blown around by the air currents.

If you ever hear anything like scuttling or scraping from your ductwork, act fast.  If you can hear one creature in your vents, it’s guaranteed that more are in there.

Air Duct & Dryer Duct Cleaning Services in Vancouver

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