Maintain Your Indoor Air Quality in The Winter

Maintain Your Indoor Air Quality in The Winter

When the temperatures outside are bitterly cold, you’re going to be spending a lot of time indoors – and this can be a problem if your indoor air quality is poor.  Indoor air can be up to ten times dirtier than outside air.  For people who suffer from allergies or other breathing issues, this can make winter a somewhat painful time. While dryer vent and air duct cleaning in Vancouver are a great way to improve your air quality, there are some things you can do to maintain your indoor air quality, even in the winter.

Four Ways to Keep Your Indoor Air Pure During The Winter

1 – Clean out your vents and ducts

One of the most common sources of indoor air pollution are dirty vents and air ducts.  If these haven’t been cleaned lately, they will – at the least – have a lot of dust buildup that’s going to get blown around the property every time your heater kicks on.  If they’re particularly dirty, they could be host to pests, whose droppings will also get blown around.

Everyone should have a full air duct cleaning in Vancouver at least once a year.  That way, your HVAC system won’t be contributing to the problem.

Also, on the same note, be sure to change your furnace air filter regularly!

2 – Add more plants to your property

Besides being beautiful, plants are nature’s air purification system.  A little greenery in your home or other building will help keep the air pure by constantly adding more clean oxygen.  Also, during the nonstop white of winter, plants add some much-needed color to your surroundings.

3 – Open the windows for a few minutes

There’s a tricky balancing act here.  Opening the windows will let your hot air out, which costs money – but it also lets fresh air in.  If you open a couple of windows for ten minutes or so, they’ll do a lot to air out the place, without letting too much heat out.  It’s worth the extra cost to keep fresh air flowing.

4 – Invest in air purifiers

There are numerous air purifiers on the market, from small portable units to full-size appliances that attach to your HVAC system.  No matter which is right for you, these are a great solution for people with allergy problems.

Get Dryer Vent & Air Duct Cleaning in Vancouver

MAS Duct Cleaning Service offers top-quality air duct and dryer vent cleaning services in Vancouver.  If you haven’t had your ducts cleaned yet this year, click here to schedule an appointment.  Your lungs will thank you!