Does Your Vancouver Home Need Air Duct Cleaning?

People rarely think about their air ducts. They’re a part of the house that’s simply there and rarely needs to be paid attention. However, over time air ducts will become dirty, and can become breeding grounds for a wide variety of molds, mildew, mites, fungi, and bacteria.  

It doesn’t matter how good your HVAC system is, if the ducts it’s sending the air through are full of pollutants.

Often, Vancouver home HVAC duct cleaning is a necessity. This is especially true as the years roll on. So, if it’s been several years since your last duct cleaning, here are some telltale signs it needs to happen.

How to Know When You Need Air Duct Cleaning in Vancouver

1. Dirty air duct vents.

Often, you can tell just by a visual inspection of the covers over your air vents. If they have a visible layer of dust, especially thick\fuzzy dust, that almost always means that the interior of the duct is in poor shape.  A clean duct would leave clean duct vents.

2. Frequent need to change your HVAC air filter.

Generally, the air filter in your main HVAC unit will need to be cleaned or replaced every 3-4 months. If it is getting clogged up significantly faster than that, it usually means there’s a lot of material in the ducts.

3. Droppings beneath your ducts or duct covers.

If there are rodents or insects living in your ducts, they’ll leave telltale signs around any exit points.  When you see pellets or insect shell husks around your ducts, it means attention needs to be paid to the ducts ASAP.

4. Visible problems when an air duct cover is removed.

Due to the airflow, the worst buildup of dirt, mold, and other problems will be near the exit points. If you remove one of your air duct vents and you can see problems in the duct interior, it’s a sure sign that there are issues throughout the ductwork.  

5. Dirty HVAC interiors.

It’s normal for the interior of your main heating\cooling unit to have a little dust and debris in it. However, if you remove the paneling and see a thick coating of grime, that’s another major red flag about the cleanliness of your ducts. It’s also potentially causing damage to the main unit itself.

When You Need Vancouver HVAC Duct Cleaning, Call in The Pros

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