Announcing Phil Ackland-Certified Kitchen Hood and exhaust Cleaning in Vancouver From Mas Duct Cleaning Services

November 10, 2016 – Vancouver, BC – Vancouver restaurants and other commercial kitchens are under stricter regulations than ever, with NFPA Standard 96 demanding regular fire inspections of kitchen exhaust systems. As these inspections happen frequently its important to maintain a clean and functioning kitchen exhaust system.

With Mas Duct Cleaning Services, commercial kitchens have an option that can meet those demands.  WE are fully certified through Phil Ackland training services, which are dedicated to proper adherence to NFPA 96 regulations and our technicians are independently licensed with the ASTT .  From kitchen exhaust systems to full service cleaning of the HVAC system throughout your restaurant , Mas Duct Cleaning Services is demonstrably capable of handling the project.

Mas Duct Cleaning Services can work with kitchen owners to create a regular cleaning schedule that keeps them up to standard in advance of inspections. By working closely with owners, they can create an expert schedule of cleanings which stay within regulation, but without unnecessary expensive extra visits.

Mas Duct Cleaning Services is also capable of after-hours and overnight work, to minimize disruption to the kitchen and the staff. We leave a clean and orderly work space when we are done so that the kitchen staff can get back to business without dealing with a messy cleanup.

Staying within NFPA 96 regulations can be a major burden for commercial kitchens, but with Mas Duct Cleaning Services by their side, it becomes a lot easier.

About Mas Duct Cleaning Services

For almost twenty years, the Mas Duct Cleaning Services has been focused on doing one job better than all the rest: cleaning both grease and air ducts, HVAC hardware, and related systems. They have become known across greater Vancouver for the quality of their work, strict professionalism, and absolute adherence to regulatory requirements across all industries.  Universal acclaim and a dedication to safety make them a top choice for area restaurants, Strata Corporations, and other commercial interests.

For press inquiries or service estimates, please visit or contact 604-589-2553.