You Need Quality Air Duct Cleaning for Your Vancouver Restaurant

There are few industries where cleanliness matters more than in food service and preparation; and rightfully so! Vancouver residents need to be able to know the food they’re enjoying was prepared in an environment that was as clean as possible, and in adherence to regulations.

This can be a serious issue when it comes to the kitchen hoods and grease exhaust as well as the air ducting and diffuserss in Vancouver restaurants. They need regular duct cleaning both to prevent regulatory problems, as well as to prevent dangerous situations from occurring within the kitchen itself.

Mas Duct Cleaning Services has extensive experience working with restaurants to ensure their kitchen grease exhaust as well as various hvac systems are cleaned and up to standard. With Mas Duct Cleaning Services, you get the best in Vancouver duct cleaning services:

1. Cutting Edge Safe Cleaning Techniques

We know restaurants are under much stricter standards than most other companies we service. We use specialized blends of cleaning chemicals which are specifically designed for use in commercial kitchens. All accessible areas of the duct work will be cleaned to NFPA standards, while making sure none of the grime ends up on the floor of your kitchen or your appliances.

2. Fully Certified Cleaning Services

Our technicians are trained specifically on food service jobs to ensure every vent, hood, and duct cleaning goes smoothly.   Mas Duct Cleaning Services has been certified by Phil Ackland Training, as meeting the highest standards necessary to work in even the most high-end of kitchens. Our professionals are qualified and individually certified with the ASTT and will work with your staff to ensure everything goes smoothly, and look to minimize disruption to your kitchen at all times.

3. Budget-Conscious Maintenance Schedules

We know that restaurants must comply with NFPA 96 standards for regular inspections of their facilities, and we work with them to create schedules for cleanings that target those inspections. At the same time, we’re aware many restaurants are on tight budgets and can’t afford extraneous work. We’ll discuss your situation thoroughly and find a timetable for regular cleanings which maintain your NFPA 96 obligations without putting any unnecessary burden on your budget.

Choose the Best in Kitchen Hood and Air Duct Cleaning in Vancouver

Mas Duct Cleaning Services is one of the most-trusted names in commercial cleaning services across Vancouver and the lower mainland. Professionals in a wide range of fields know that we deliver excellent work with an unblemished safety record that spans nearly twenty years. We only provide one core service  because we are laser-focused on doing that job as well as possible. No matter what sort of ductwork you have, we’ll see it cleaned properly to all regulatory requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your kitchen duct cleaning needs.