How to Choose the Best Vancouver Air Duct Cleaning Services

Whether you’re a homeowner, business-owner, or Strata Corporation, there are plenty of options in the greater Vancouver area for HVAC duct cleaning services. How do you know you’re getting the right provider to meet your needs?

As with most decisions, much of it comes down to research. The more deeply you dig into your options, the better your chances of making the best choice.

Top Questions to Ask When Researching Air Duct Cleaners in Vancouver

How long have you been in business?

Duct cleaning is a niche business that’s relatively easy to get into, even for those who lack much relevant experience. Accordingly, there’s a lot of turnover among start-ups who can’t deliver the services they promise, or do so with an excess of errors.

Simple longevity is one of the biggest indicators of success. A duct cleaning service with a decade or more experience has proven itself capable. If possible, look for testimonials too.

What certifications do you have?

Simply put, if an HVAC cleaning service isn’t certified through the National Air Ducts Cleaners Association (NADCA) they aren’t worth doing business with. NADCA is respected across Canada and North America for their industry oversight.

If you’re in specialty fields, there may also be more specific certifications to look for. For example, among commercial kitchens and restaurants, which have much higher standards of required cleanliness due to potential fire hazards., Phil Ackland Certification is highly desirable and the ASTT is mandatory in most British Columbia districts. .  

What do you charge for services?

There’s a twist here:  The proper answer to the question is “That depends on what you have installed.” Different HVAC systems require different tools, and different time commitments. If a duct cleaning company offers gimmicky prices like blanket rates for whole-building cleanings, that’s a sure sign they aren’t taking their job seriously. There would be a big risk they’d do substandard work, just to ensure their hourly investment was low.

Can you work around my schedule?

For both businesses and high rises, duct cleaning can be a fairly disruptive activity. It’s simply unavoidable, given the nature of the job.  Quality services will offer around-the-clock work options, and can work with you to minimize disruption to your activities.  

Do you clean the full HVAC system?

Here’s another place where some substandard companies will pull a “gotcha.” They clean the ducts, and only the ducts. That’s only half the job. A quality Vancouver air duct cleaning service will also clean and inspect any central air units, fans, blowers, filters, and other associated systems to ensure total cleanliness.

Trust Mas Duct Cleaning Services

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