Five Summer Cleaning Resolutions For Your Office

Five Summer Cleaning Resolutions For Your Office

Did you know poor air quality at office is hazardous for employee health and can cause damage to computers and other machinery?

In recent years the role of cooling systems has become extremely important to keep the office atmosphere properly conditioned and comfortable.  But some business owners overlook the need for a clean air duct system considering the overall expenditure involved in housekeeping and maintenance.

While other hygiene activities are carried out in a regular manner, businesses often believe it is alright to postpone air duct cleaning schedules. However, it is important to understand the quality of air we breathe can contribute to a “Sick Building Syndrome”. Additionally, it can become a potential health risk and result into increased absenteeism, poor concentration and reduced participation. To get this rectified every organization must focus on timely cleaning of the air duct system by professionals. With air ducts transitioning from heating to cooling, this is a good time to attend to their cleaning.

The majority of businesses in Vancouver BC have already signed up for a commercial duct cleaning program. Now it is your turn to start the financial year with clean air ducts and making the following five resolutions will contribute to a healthier office space all year long.

  1. Disinfected work areas

Dust, dirt, dander and other viruses breed quickly on surfaces like chairs, floors and tables. If not cleaned on a daily basis, within no time they invade the air duct system and over time become the primary reason for clogged and unhealthy ductwork.

To not let this happen, disinfecting work areas on regular basis is the only solution.

  • Regular Maintenance of the cooling and heating system

HVAC systems are one of the most used in every household and office location as they are responsible for circulating the right temperature of air. Ignoring timely maintenance of the system can contribute to failure and also contaminate your space.

To prevent such situations at your work place, checking on the systems cleanliness on a timely maintenance schedules is a must. This will not only prevent accumulation of dust but will result in safer air ducts and healthier work spaces.

  • Regular Repairs

This might sound unconventional, but moisture creates a perfect breeding ground for fungi in the air duct system that potentially can make every breathing person sick. So, to keep contaminants away from the air duct and prevent them from multiplying, regular repairs of any type of leakage is necessary.

  • Use efficient air filters

This might not sound very necessary, but when comes to disinfecting workspaces, ensuring the use of efficient filters makes all the difference. Installing, good filters supports removal of stale air and adds to the freshness quotient. They also are very useful in keeping particles of contaminants away from the ductwork.

  • Choose the right air duct cleaning company

Professionals make a difference. Air duct cleaning requires specialized equipments and technicians that have sufficient knowledge about the air duct systems. Cleaning the system without the right equipment can do more harm than good. This is where experience and expertise plays an essential role. Before signing up for any air duct cleaning service make sure to research and hire only the best.

At MAS Duct cleaning services, our main focus is to maintain and repair HVAC duct systems with latest technology and appropriate tools for a positive output. To explore more about our services, visit us here.