Know How Air Duct Cleaning Helps You To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Know How Air Duct Cleaning Helps You To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Many of us have switched to energy-efficient bulbs and have made sure to install energy star appliances to save on electricity bills. Then why is the need for clean air ducts overlooked? You may not know this, but you could be wasting hundreds of dollars by paying higher energy bills, just because enough attention has not been paid to clean and well-maintained air ducts. Many homes and offices in Vancouver BC extensively use air conditioners to stay cool while temperatures outside are hot. But most of them fail to understand the side –effects of dirty air ducts.

Living in the age of global warming we understand comfort is important, but it is equally important to realize if you are spending too much money paying energy bills especially during summertime. Nevertheless, to save your wallet from the impact of heavy energy bills, experts at MAS – a reliable air duct cleaning company in Vancouver, explain in detail how air duct cleaning can make all the difference.

Outlined below are three important advantages of clean air ducts that can save you a lot of money.

Timely identification of leaky ducts

Several studies on energy consumption reveal that about 20% of air and energy is lost by the heating and cooling system because of leaks and poorly sealed air ducts. To not let this happen with you, it is important to sign up for air duct cleaning schedules and begin with inspecting the system for possible leakages. As repairing these on time will eliminate air from escaping and save a lot of energy consumption.

Enhanced Effectiveness of the Air Conditioner

Cooling systems installed at homes and commercial spaces need to overwork when dust and debris get accumulated in the air ducts and other internal components of the machine. This also affects the condensing coil of the AC and drastically decreases its efficiency quotient.

On the other hand, when qualified contractors inspect the system on a timely basis, they ensure preventive cleaning and assure enhanced performance by the systems with minimum energy usage.

Decreases the need for air purification

Dust and debris clogged in air ducts heavily hampers indoor air quality and circulates the same all over the place. When this happens, air filters fitted in the cooling system get a lot of debris from this air and throws it back and generates the need for air purification.

But before investing in expensive air filters, it is wise to get your air ducts checked and maintained for better results. This trick may also help you save a lot on expensive air purification systems for a long duration. At MAS Duct Cleaning Services, our experience and expertise make us a reliable choice for commercial and residential air duct cleaning services in Vancouver BC. To explore more about our services or get a quote click here.