Reduce Fire Hazards with Regular Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

Reduce Fire Hazards with Regular Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

It is better to be safe than sorry and we mean it.

Prone to easy accumulation of grease, commercial kitchen exhaust systems become dirty at a faster rate and can eventually break out into a spontaneous fire if not kept clean and maintained on a timely basis.

According to NFPA, every year there are thousands of structural fires at eating and drinking establishments in the country that occur due to dirty kitchen exhaust systems. It is reported to have claimed several lives and property damage worth billions, neglecting the kitchen exhaust system can result into awful consequences.

To deal with this, several restaurant and eatery owners carry out a DIY cleaning routine and believe it is alright to postpone professional intervention. But what about the grease build-up that cannot be seen and is inaccessible without the right tools and expertise? This is why signing up for a routine kitchen exhaust cleaning program with a professional company is vital.

Operating as a commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning company in Vancouver, we share with you a list of best practices that can reduce fire hazards and ensure safety in the kitchen.

  1. Identify areas of concern

Often the risk of a fire breakout at commercial kitchens is associated with four areas: electrical connections, cooking equipment, exhaust systems or employee error. However, keeping a close eye on all four elements is essential to maintaining safety and reduce the risk of kitchen fire hazards.

  • Hire Certified cleaning contractors

When it comes to the safety of your eating establishment, hiring the most reliable kitchen hood cleaning company makes a significant difference. Even the instructions by NFPA 96 states that the entire exhaust system needs to be thoroughly cleaned by a certified, trained and qualified team of professionals to meet industry standards. Cleaning companies that lack the expertise, specialized tools and adequate experience can do more harm than good. Therefore, to achieve the bottom line of ensuring clean and safe kitchen exhaust systems, it is a must to hire an experienced contractor who will ensure complete documentation.

  • Clean the complete exhaust system

As per rules laid by NFPA, every commercial kitchen must remove grease from fans, hoods, ducts and other accessories present in the system. Therefore, getting rid of grease from visible areas is not enough. As the residue is highly inflammable and can cause rapid damage in case of a fire breakout.

Pro tip: To confirm that the job has been done well, ask your kitchen exhaust cleaning company to share before and after images or videos as proof. These documents also help during government safety inspections.

At MAS Duct cleaning services, safety is our priority and we never compromise on quality. Known to carry out safe, effective and successful commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning projects, we take pride in delivering the most suitable solutions. If this interests you, click here to contact us and find out more about our services.