How Professional Commercial HVAC Cleaning Specialists Help Vancouver Building Owners Achieve High Level Winter Heating Performance

Working with trusted commercial HVAC cleaning companies can now help Vancouver building owners reduce their long-term heating costs and retain optimal systems performance over the long-term. Many local area property owners are facing rising energy costs amid challenging economic conditions, and this means they must find ways to reduce their expenditure as we move into the wintertime. The team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning has many years’ experience in the commercial cleaning field and in this article they outline how professional commercial HVAC cleaning teams can help Vancouver property owners achieve high efficiency heating performance. 

Reducing Energy Waste

The latest data shows that 25-40% of the energy used within commercial heating and cooling systems is wasted. Building owners can work to prevent this type of system inefficiency by deploying commercial HVAC cleaning services within their Vancouver facilities. By cleaning the system of contaminants such as dust and other facility debris, HVAC cleaning teams allow air to pass through the system more easily, preventing blockages and ensuring the system can perform to peak capacity without having to work harder to push air throughout the building.

Improving Building Air Quality

With normal building occupation, and hundreds of people working within the building on a daily basis, commercial operations often experience air quality issues. During the winter, when heating systems are placed under the most pressure, the building will be pumping out contaminated air continually within the working space. Vancouver commercial cleaning companies can work to remove the contaminants that cause these quality issues. They can help to clean contaminated areas of the system, such as the fans, blowers, coils and air ducts, and ensure the equipment is only pushing clean air into the building space.

Advising on Performance Issues

Working with a commercial cleaning company on a regular basis also gives building owners access to specialist guidance when system issues begin to impact energy efficiencyand indoor air quality. When the HVAC system falls into a state of disrepair becomes dirty, those with experience inspecting and cleaning; coils, heat pumps, blowers, fans, and other elements of the HVAC system will be able to determine whether the issue is mechanically-related or related to contaminants. They can tocan offer professional guidance and NADCA certified duct cleaning services that can ensure a system resolution is found within a consolidated timeframe, often saving the building owner thousands of dollars.

By employing the services of local Vancouver commercial HVAC cleaning experts, building owners can now make lasting savings on their winter heating costs. To discover more on the benefits that HVAC cleaning can offer commercial building owners, speak with the trusted team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning directly at 604-589-2553or visit their business website at