Vancouver-based Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning Answers 3 Common Questions on the Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Process

Commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning is now required for all Vancouver commercial food service operations. That’s because the grease that builds up within exhaust vents during the cooking process can become a significant fire hazard when not removed expertly. It’s important to receive guidance on commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning from a Vancouver specialist with many years’ experience in the industry. And so within this article, the team at Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning answers three common questions on the commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning process.

1.How Often Does The Kitchen Exhaust Need to be Cleaned?

While there are no specific laws regarding the level of cleaning required for kitchen exhausts, there are set guidelines within the commercial cleaning marketplace. These guidelines recommend that high-volume cooking businesses, such as those operating 24-hour kitchens and charbroiling services, should have their exhaustscleaned on a quarterly basis. Systems with moderate volume cooking operations should be examined and cleaned semi-annually, and low volume cooking operations should be examined and cleaned on annual basis. By following these specific guidelines, kitchen operators can ensure their system reaches peak performance, and their team is kept safe over the long-term.

2.What is the Most Important Element within the Cleaning Process?

Communication is the critical element in all kitchen exhaust cleaning work. It’s important that cleaning teams and restaurant kitchen teams communicate effectively with one another to ensure they’re on the same page in terms of the types of cleaning required and the schedule for the cleaning process. Without this level of communication, restaurants teams may find that the cleaning work can interrupt their kitchen operations and cleaning teams may discover the environment is unsafe for their work. Through clear and responsive communication, leading-class exhaust cleaning work can be achieved.

3.What are the Most Important Qualifications for the Cleaning Company?

When selecting the cleaning company to maintain their kitchen exhaust systems, Vancouver kitchen operators must carefully consider their marketplace options. Vancouver and lower mainland based restaurant owners and kitchen managers must employ Kitchen Exhaust cleaning companies that are certified by the ASTT. There are a broad range of qualifications to take into consideration. The company chosen must have a significant amount of experience within the commercial cleaning marketplace. They must be able to offer the kitchen operator access to references for their previous work. In addition, they must be qualified under the latest NACDA guidelines for exhaust cleaning work, and they must employ staff members trained by the leading training organizations in the marketplace.At Masduct we are ASTT certified as well as Phil Ackland trained.

Working with a specialist such as Michael A. Smith Duct Cleaning in Vancouver can help ensure a precise solution to all commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning challenges. To discover more on the company and their services, contact their office team today at 604-589-2553 or visit their business website at